Users Experiencing OS X Mavericks Download Error

Os x mavericks error

Os x mavericks error

Earlier today Apple released the tenth major OS X software release called OS X Mavericks. The software update is available for free as a digital download from the Mac App Store. The store link for the update is now live and users can download the update.

OS X Mavericks is a 5.29 GB data download which is certainly quite a lot considering the features included in the update. Many users who are rushing to download to latest software release from Apple are experiencing download errors.

A quick search on Twitter for “Mavericks error” reveals many customers tweeting about failed download error. I’ve already had five failed attempts at downloading the update from Mac App Store. Each time the download begins just fine however, after downloading nearly 1GB of data I got “an error occurred” message.

In order to re-download the update you need to go to the “Purchases” tab and then start the download again. Each time you start the download it will begin from the start so you’ll lose any data downloaded previously.

OS X Mavericks failed to download

This year Apple announced the update is available for free. This shift in pricing strategy is being seen as an attempt to encourage customers to update to the latest software update offered by the company. Since, this years update is free it isn’t surprising that many more customers are probably hitting the download button right now.

Apple servers could be under huge load at the moment therefore resulting in unsuccessful download for many users. At the moment is there is no fix for this issue. We tried to reload the Mac App Store by pressing Command+R and even tried to sign out and then sign-in. However, this didn’t work and the update continued to fail after about 20 minutes of downloading.

If you’re getting repeated errors then it is advisable for you to wait and download the update later tomorrow hopefully Apple servers would be able to take the load by then.

Are you experiencing Mavericks download issues or errors? Let us know about it in the comments below.


Ravin MohindruUsers Experiencing OS X Mavericks Download Error