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OK, put this firmly in the column for things that are so simple I’m annoyed I didn’t think of it myself! You own an iPad right? You like to keep it charged, yeah? OK, then no doubt you’ve come across the iPad’s main irritation – it doesn’t charge from most USB ports due to needing a 10w power source. Yes some of the newer machines will kick out enough juice via its ports, but most machines don’t. You only need check out the furore on most forums from the original launch.

This is where the Xmultiple Technologies iXP1-500 comes in (slips right off the tongue, doesn’t it?!). This handy little doo-hickey acts as a go-between for your iPad’s USB cable and the port it wants to connect to. I’ll let the Xmultimple guys explain it properly…

We released a small adapter for the iPad, which I would like to make you aware of. Our iXP1-500 iPad adapter solves the problems iPad users have charging from their desktop and laptop computers. Now there is a solution with the iXP1-500 USB adapter. Simply attach the iXP1-500 adapter to your existing Apple charge/sync cable and your iPad will charge from your computer’s USB port – Guaranteed.

iXP1-500 technology.

The iPad Charging with a USB port is mostly not a solution. Plugging an iPad into a computer’s USB port, instead of an AC jack, often results in syncing only. The iPad requires 10W of energy to charge, which is much more than a typical USB port provides. However, even a USB port will work extremely slow compared to an AC outlet. That means most desktops and laptop USB ports won’t charge the iPad. Therefore, to charge the iPad you have to be a slave to a wall outlet.

If a user wants ever a better solution the XP1Power XP-2500 rechargeable battery built into the USB charge/sync cable solves this problem as well and provides a rechargeable battery integrated into the cable to provide power and charging when you are away from home or office.

The iXP1-500 Adapter and the XP1Power XP-2500 are inexpensive solutions and they make charging convenient. Pick the solution, which is best for you. The XP1Power XP-2500 will charge the iPad while you are on the go. Anywhere. No need for an USB port or a wall outlet.

So simple it’s scary! The XP-500 is priced at a very reasonable $4.99.


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  • ipad developers

    Great that there exists such an adapter. It’s a pity iPad doesn’t have a USB port, but this thingy solves this problem perfectly.

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