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Apple iPhone 4 Camera Flickr Stats

According to the stats reported by Scott Forstall during WWDC keynote event iPhone 4 camera is one of the most popular cameras used on Flickr. While Apple didn’t announce a new iPhone 5 with beefed up camera, with iOS 5 they certainly made some great improvements to the camera app.

One of the best things Apple added to iOS 5 is the ability to take pictures straight from the lockscreen. Rather than forcing users to unlock their iPhone and scroll through their apps till they find their camera, you can now just click the home button twice to bring up a camera icon on the lockscreen. Hitting the camera icon will take users straight into the camera app where they can start shooting away.

iOS 5 Camera Features

Users can now take pictures using their volume buttons on the side of the camera. With an option of using a physical button, taking pictures would certainly feel more natural now rather than tapping the shutter button on the touchscreen.

The biggest addition though that Apple has made in iOS 5 is the ability to edit photos straight from the Camera Roll. When viewing pictures you will now see an “Edit” button in the right hand corner. The Edit Screen has four icons at the bottom: Rotate, Enhance, Red-Eye, and Crop.

While Rotate is pretty self-explanatory, enhance dramatically improves the picture as the tests found out. Red-Eye reduction is another feature that the iPhone has sorely missed. Simply tap the red-eye button, you will be brought the “Remove Red-Eye” screen where you can tap on each individual red-eye to correct it. Tapping on the fixed eye again will remove it.

Cropping is another added feature. Simply hit the crop button and you’ll be brought to a screen where you can crop the photo. A neat little feature here is the “Constrain” button inside the crop screen. When a user hits the constrain button they will see a pop-up menu nine different photo-sizes to choose from.

iOS 5 Photos App

Once you have edited your picture all you have to do is hit “Save” and then choose “Save to Camera Roll” to make all of your edits finalized.

And of course, once you’ve gotten your photo edited to the point of satisfaction you’re going to need to share it with the entire world. iOS 5′s Twitter integration makes photo sharing so much easier than ever before. With the “Tweet” button right next to emailing and texting.

The new and improved Camera app in iOS 5 is nothing revolutionary, but it’s still a great upgrade over the older version. Apple has added all the basic things you need to take a picture quicker, edit it, and send it out to the world in the easiest ways possible.

Native Panoramic Camera function?

A few lines of code discovered in the first beta release of iOS 5 suggest Apple is planning a native panoramic camera function for iOS 5, which could make applications such as 360 Panorama, AutoStitch Panorama, and Microsoft’s Photosynth obsolete. It’s unclear whether the function can be somehow accessed through the first iOS 5 beta, but we may see it being introduced in a future beta release before the firmware goes public later this year.


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  • Anonymous

    This is nice information about different features of camera application in IOS 5. It is really cool information and easy to understand.

  • Rpg

    For those asking, no, you still have to unlock the phone to view the camera roll.  Would’ve saved trouble if the author would kindly insert that little snippet of info.

  • Boon

    By bypassing the lock/passcode screen and gaining access into the camera, that means you can also view all the photos in the camera roll? That’s not good.

    • TouchReviews

      The camera app does not allow you to view photos in the camera roll
      when you bypass the lock screen. It only allows you to take photos.

  • EBER

    Does that mean anyone will have access to your private photos?

    • Jay

      No. It only allows you to take pictures and not access the photo library if you have a lockscreen password. Once you exit the camera app the ipod will lock again requiring you to enter the correct passcode to enter iOS 5

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