Upcoming iPhone: HD or 4G?

Many anticipate new iPhone hardware this summer in conjunction with new software. While Apple has done very well for itself performing incremental hardware upgrades from the first generation iPhone to the current 3GS model, it is interesting to note device design has hardly changed. The basic appearance and function of the user-facing hardware has been consistent throughout the iPhone’s life.

It’s with this in mind that an article from iPhoneWorld becomes very interesting. A video has been found on YouTube using the same visual style and musical synchronization we have come to know from Apple’s iPhone commercials. It displays a completely redesigned iPhone with a larger screen and rectangular speaker and home button. As the phone flips around through the course of the commercial we see the rear of the device has two openings where one would assume is a camera and flash. Probably one of the most interesting aspects of the commercial though starts at the 19 second where it purports to show a video call. If you pause the commercial and look closely you see a small opening embedded in the far right hand side of the reshaped speaker. Front facing camera perhaps? If they’re demonstrating video calling it would be a must. It all ends by informing us the new device will be called the iPhone HD and that it’s “The most social iPhone yet”. Watch the full video below. More after the break.

Pretty compelling isn’t it? Even if this is the greatest KIRF in the history of iPhone KIRF’s, this is the iPhone Apple needs to make. A larger, presumably HD, screen with combined with a forward facing camera would bury the Nexus One and reestablish the iPhone as the preeminent smartphone. Mix in improved hardware under the hood and software features like the much desired multitasking and iPhone popularity would rocket into the stratosphere.

Is this the iPhone you’ve been waiting for? Would it make you drop your Nexus One, Droid, or even 3GS to climb on the Apple bandwagon? Is this the most glorious KIRF in history? Drop us a comment and let us know.


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