52 Upcoming iPad Games To Watch Out For

The iPad is coming and so are the games! A list of games for the iPad.

Since the details were disclosed regarding Apple’s newest device the iPad, there have been many questions asked about what applications are going to be available on it. There have been discussions about what will look good, what won’t and what apps the users hope will be on the device. Infact the excitement is just getting bigger and to be honest I think it will until it is finally released.

Recently PocketGamer published a list of the games that have already confirmed will be coming to the iPad. Some are new games and some are ones that are already released on the iPhone and iPod touch. No doubt the list is only going to get bigger but here is what they believe are available at the moment.

  1. 3bot – Developed by Devkind and in cooperation with PixelFederation. A 3D game about a robot with 3 feet who thinks in 3’s and you colour and move 3D patterns. It is going to be available soon to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
  2. Aaaaaa. A Reckless Disregard for gravity – developed by DejobaanGames. A game where you base jump through a floating city, creating your own stunts and this is controlled by tilting your device. This will be available on both iPad and iPhone but no release date yet.
  3. Astro Ranch HD – Developed by Tag-games . You manage a 3D farm where you have to grow crops and sell them along with solving lots of in-game puzzles. Already available on the iPhone.
  4. Azkend HD – developed by Myth People. Azkend is a matching puzzle game. Available already on the iPhone/iPod Touch and coming to the iPad. Check the developers site Azkend
  5. Bear Paw HD – developed by Pocketfun. A game where you guide your spaceship on the screen avoiding the stars and comets. It is already available on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  6. Bitflip– developed by Tapme. The game is a matching 3 or more puzzle game. Already available on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  7. Castlecraft – developed by Freeverse. This is an online-subscription castle building game. It is not actually available yet on any devices.
  8. Chromodyne – by Colin Walsh. The game is a match 3 style game. Available on the iPhone/iPod Touch already again no release date for the iPad. Visit Chromodyne Colin Wash’s blog for more details.
  9. Colorous: A color odyssey – developed by avocsoftware. Colorous is a matching puzzle game. You pair different colours together to unleash combos and score points. Already available on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  10. Cosmo Kid – by Pear Computer. A game of bouncing your cosmo kid up into the stars and around the galaxy. Already on the iPhone. Visit Thecosmokid for more details on the iPad release date.
  11. Doki Doki Bloki – developed by Dokidokigames . A puzzle of following the numbers and painting a picture. A picture puzzle game. No release date yet for iPad but already on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  12. Eliminate pro – by Ngmoco. An online multiplayer FPS combat game. Already available on the iPhone and iPod Touch.
  13. FaceFighter – developed by Appy entertainment. A face fighting game to share pictures with friends. Already on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  14. F.A.S.T – by SGN . This is a flying game, you take to the skies usinf realistic flight controls using the accelerometer dropping bombs on enemy bases. Already on the iPhone.
  15. Flick Fishing – by Freeverse . Popular fishing game in an animated environment. Take tournaments using your fishing skills. Already available for iPhone/iPod Touch, no date for iPad.
  16. Flight Control – developed by Firemint. An Air Traffic control game. On iPhone and iPod Touch already.
  17. Frogman Verses Dr Fly – developed by Revolutionary Concepts. This is a 3D arcade game where you the frog try stopping an evil fly genius. Not actually available on the iPhone or iPad yet and no word of a release date.
  18. Gender Wars – Blooper Team. A game placed in a post-apocalyptic world involving time travel with a sci-fi plot. This is not for the iPhone and looks like it will only be released for the iPad but no release date yet.
  19. geoDefense 2 – by Criticalthoughtgames . Same as geoDefense puzzle game, this will be available on the iPhone and iPad at some point in 2010.
  20. God finger – by Ngmoco . A online multi-player game. You are the God of a planet and in control of all your followers to earn gold for you. Already available for the iPhone and iPod touch in Canada should be coming soon rest of the world.
  21. Headstone Harry – by Conjuredrealms . A puzzle game where you jive to jazz tunes whilst bursting tiles. Already available on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  22. Harbor Master – developed by Imangistudios . You control all your boats and ferrys in to the harbour with out crashing into any other boats. You score by the amount of boats you get to the harbour. Already available for iPhone/iPod Touch.
  23. iHurt – Devloped by Madmonkeymilitia. A cartoon style sction game. Steer your character whilst hitting as many objects as possible. Already on iPhone/iPod touch.
  24. Labyrinth 2 HD – by Illusion Labs. A classic labyrinth game where you control a ball, by tilting the device, into the holes. Already on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Visit Labyrinth for further release details.
  25. Little Buggar – by Statik. Aim of the game is easy, you just squash bugs! With global high scores and achievements. Already on the iPhone/iPod touch. Visit Littlebuggergame for their soon to be released date.
  26. Majesty – by Herocraft. The game is a real time strategy game, you are the ruler in a land where you get all the people to do your work for you. This is not actually available for the iPhone but the developers are keen to release it on the iPad. No date yet though.
  27. Monkey Jewels II HD – by Pocketfun. Matching Puzzle game. Not available yet on the iPhone. Visit Pocketfun for further details on release dates for all devices.
  28. NBA Hotshot – by Freeverse. Arcade style game racing against the time to shoot as many balls into the basket as you can. Available on the iPhone/iPod touch.
  29. Need For Speed Shift – by EAmobile. Racing simulation game. Already popular on the iPhone/iPod Touch. No release date yet for iPad.
  30. N.O.V.A – by Gameloft. Fight to survive against aliens in this action space game. Already available on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  31. OddBlob – Developed by Astraware. Control your clay character across the tiles against time, collecting points as you go. Recently released on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  32. Pac-Man – by Namcogames. Same as the classic game you guide your character around the maze whilst he eats the little balls and avoids the nasty ghouls. Already on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  33. Pocket Creatures – by TactileEntertainment. A tamogotchi style game, you have to feed and nuture your little pet. Not available yet on any devices but hopefully to be released in April.
  34. Polyhedra XL – developed by Binaryhammer. Real physics-based interaction puzzle game. Fill more than 66% of the screen with shapes to complete a level. Out on iPhone/iPod Touch already.
  35. Pool Pro Online – by NamcoGames. Play pool online with your friends. Already available on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  36. Rage – by IDsoftware. A post apocalyptic style shooter game. Not available yet but will be released shortly to iPhone and iPad.
  37. Ravensword – by Chillingo. Adventure game, take on quests to earn money and experience whilst battling with enemies. Already available on iPhone/iPod Touch.
  38. reMovem2 – by Mundue. Matching puzzle game, see how high you can score by removing matching coloured balls. Not yet out on iPhone visit their website for future release dates.
  39. QuizQuizQuiz – by Four Door Lemon. Trivia style game. Already on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Have a look at Quizquizquiz website for up to date release details.
  40. Saving The Private Sheep – by Bulkypix. Save the sheep from the evil UFO’s. Not available yet on any devices but will be released soon.
  41. Scrabble – by EAmobile . Puzzle word game the same as the actual board game. Already available on iPhone/iPod Touch.
  42. Skee-Ball – by Freeverse. 3D puzzle physics game. Roll a ball up a ramp and into a number hole for points and unlockable achievements. Available on iPhone/iPod Touch.
  43. Skies Of Glory – by SGN. A multiplayer air combat game. Fly over land and sea you and you friends can team up to defend a base and destroy enemies. Already available for iPhone/iPod Touch.
  44. Smiles HD – by Sykhronics Entertainment. Puzzle game with a twist. Make matches with the coloured shapes, break ice and rocks to score points. Already on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  45. Tetris – by EAmobile. The Popular shape puzzle game. Already on iPhone/iPod Touch. Visit EAmobile for more details.
  46. TouchGrind HD – by illusionlabs. Skateboarding but with your fingers! Available on the iPhone/iPod touch already.
  47. Trenches – by Thundergameworks. Command your battlefield and destroy your enemy. Available on iPhone/iPod touch already.
  48. Tune Runner – Appy Entertainment. Music puzzle game, use your music library to play the game. Drawing shapes and turn them into musical energy. Already on iPhone/iPod Touch. Check out Appytunerunner website for further release details.
  49. Twin Blades – by Bulkypix. A frantic shooter game set in a medieval era. Help the nun defeat evil. Already on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
  50. Warp Gate – by Freeverse. A single player space combat game. Not available on the iPhone yet.
  51. We Rule – by Ngmoco. You Rule a kingdom and develop businesses, grow crops and trade with other online players. Available in Canada at present for the iPhone and due to be released shortly worldwide.
  52. Zen Bound 2 – by Chillingo. A unique 3D puzzle game. A sequel to the first one. Not available yet on the iPhone.

So there you have it! Quite a lot already although none of them have actually confirmed any kind of release date. The games on offer look very promising and many will be a hit with gamers I’m sure. Looking at that list it seems that puzzle games are a popular choice to develop on to the iPad at the moment.

There are also a few in there that are just solely for the iPad. There are lots to choose from though at the moment that will keep many gamers busy until more developers design more for the iPad.

What games would you like to see on the iPad?

iPhone developers if we missed your upcoming games for the iPad please leave a comment below with details.


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