Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 Released by Dev Team

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On Sunday evening the Dev-Team released the latest editions of PwnageTool and redsn0w to provide an untethered jailbreak for devices running iOS 4.3.1 – almost three years since the first version of PwnageTool was released for the 1.1.4 firmware. The jailbreak works on all devices that support the 4.3.1 firmware, except for the iPad 2.

You can download PwnageTool for Mac, or redsn0w for both Mac and Windows, from the Dev-Team’s blog. However, if you require the ultrasn0w unlock to use your device, you shouldn’t update your firmware just yet – ultrasn0w isn’t yet fully compatible with the latest version of iOS. The Dev-Team’s blog warns:

WARNING WARNING — ultrasn0w users don’t update yet! We need to first release an update to ultrasn0w that fixes some incompatibilities when FW 4.3.1 is used on the older basebands supported by ultrasn0w.

This jailbreak comes courtesy of Stefan Esser – aka iOn1c – a security researcher based in Germany, whose dedication to an untethered jailbreak has made this exploit possible.

Although these methods don’t currently support Apple’s latest iPad tablet, a jailbreak for this device is on its way. The Dev-Team has already performed a jailbreak on the second-generation device, but the tools to do it aren’t quite ready for public release.

The quickest way to jailbreak your device running the 4.3.1 firmware is to upgrade to this version through iTunes and then use redsn0w to jailbreak. No restore is needed for this method, and it’s surprisingly quick.

For more advances users who wish to preserve their baseband version, you can use a custom firmware to jailbreak your device with PwnageTool, but again, this method is currently for Mac users only. The advantage to this method is that users can modify their firmware before they install it – enabling them to choose the size of their root partition, pre-install Cydia packages, and more.

Right now this jailbreak is still pretty hot, so if you have trouble downloading the softwares above from the Dev-Team’s blog, it’s best to be patient and try again later. You can find download mirrors using Google if you don’t want to wait, or you can try the torrent files for each software.


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  1. Can anyone ANYONE tell me how to jailbreak an iPad 2 on 4.3 on Windows? This is getting pretty stupid. If this cant be done then I’m going to return it and get an original iPad.

    Ad yes I know theres nothing for 4.3.1 I’m looking to jailbreak 4.3 only for iPad 2

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