Unlocked iPhone 5 Receives LTE and Visual Voicemail on T-Mobile Via Carrier Update

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T-Mobile iPhone 5

On Friday, T-Mobile USA released a carrier update, bringing LTE and visual voicemail to the unlocked iPhone 5. Customers who have an unlocked iPhone 5 will now be able to obtain these feature via the software update. The reason for T-Mobile releasing this update is because the carrier is officially carrying the iPhone 5, which uses the company’s LTE network. T-Mobile has also reportedly updated its support forums with information about T-Mobile users, who will now be able to get all of the new features.

iPhone 5 users with a T-Mobile SIM card will receive visual voicemail, the Commercial Mobile Alert System, as well as LTE on the company’s AWS spectrum. With the company officially set to carry the iPhone and fully support unlocked iPhones, T-Mobile will now be able to compete directly with the nation’s other leading carriers, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

The carrier update will also add other features such as HD Voice and even improvements in battery life by reworking the network. T-Mobile has over two million unlocked iPhones on its network and is reportedly adding over 100,000 more each month. With the company dedicated to improving its network, and with the large number of users on the network with unlocked devices, T-Mobile is sure ot find success with the iPhone on its network.

{Via AppleInsider — Image Credit: Engadget}


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  • oscarffjr

    i know what u mean i have been with them for 9 yrs and now they are treating my like shit when i try to order the iphone they say i have a 300 deposit for the phoen if i wanted to pay that i would just go with att and get real LTE in my area but im going to give them chance to fix it supposedly they are going to speak to the cx service manager and get the numbers right so they say after only 15 callins in one day

  • Edgar Noyfb

    tmobile is treating their old customers like piece of sh++++ and new customers already received OTA updates SO NOT FARE!! you suck!

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