Unity releases Unity Engine 3.0 which adds support for the iPad

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Unity 3.0 iPad Games

Unity Technologies has announced that it’s released a new version of the Unity Engine (version 3.0) which adds in support for the iPad, Android and PlayStation 3, giving it the “broadest support on the market,” according to a statement. Unity already had support for iPhone and iPod Touch, so this is a welcome but not unexpected move from them.

With Unity both budding, and seasoned game designers have access to cutting edge game design technologies in a GUI driven environment where they can design, build and deploy games on various platforms including the web, and most major consoles and handhelds. Little or no coding experience is required to get started. And you do not need to be a code guru either to push the envelope with more ambitious ideas. Free versions are available as a download from their website. Paid “Pro” versions come with more advanced features. But you can still get started with the free version and upgrade later, once you’ve got your blockbuster started!

“Since our first version in 2005, Unity Technologies has been focused on the democratisation of interactive 3D and delivering an impressive list of technological advances making it the technology of choice for more than 100,000 developers today,” said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. “We have been driven by innovation and a desire to always offer the best capabilities to developers. Unity 3.0 is built on that same promise and allows our customers to further expand the reach of their games to new platforms and audiences.”

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  • Nicholas Bellerophon

    This posting is incorrect. Unity has ANNOUNCED Unity 3, but it has NOT RELEASED IT.

    Release is scheduled for the summer.

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