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LOGiiX - Stylus Pro Jr

iPad Stylus Review – Kids

More and more children are getting access to touchscreen devices these days. Whether it’s their own device or using one of a parent, sibling or friend they are become more and more intune with them. Because of this, iPhone / iPad accessories are being made specifically aimed at children and the world of styluses is no different. Here we look at some that while not all specifically aimed at children would certainly appeal to them.

LOGiiX – Stylus Pro Jr – $19.95

LOGiiX - Stylus Pro JrWhile not directly aimed at children the Stylus Pro Jr could be the ideal stylus for a child. Not only is it small and perfectly formed but it also attached to the headphone socket on the device to keep it from getting lost when not in use. The bullet sized stylus has three raised ridges around it that make it easier to grip despite it’s small size. It’s size doesn’t lend itself particularly to writing but for gaming and drawing it works very well. While the ability to attach it into the headphone socket is a nice addition and always keeps it handy pushing it into there can be a little tough especially for smaller fingers. However, after some time this did become easier. At under $20 the price could be a little pricey for some where the potential to getting easily lost is quite high.

Studio Neat – Cosmonaut – $25.00 – TOP PICK

Studio Neat - CosmonautThere is one type of writing implement that every child has used and is one of the only writing implements that is only used by children and that’s the crayon. Harnessing on those two facts comes the Cosmonaut from Studio Neat which couldn’t look less like a crayon if it tried, all be it a giant one! The large size of the Cosmonaut could make it difficult to handle for smaller hands but the wooden stylus is completely covered wrapped in black rubber and makes it incredibly comfortable to hold, draw, write and play games with. It’s solid design also makes it rugged and long lasting and that’s pretty important when children are going to be pushing it to its limits. It has an iconic look and one that may turn a few heads too. If you have a child that likes to have something a little different then the Cosmonaut could be the stylus they are looking for.

iChic Gear – Phantomus – $15.00

iChic Gear - PhantomusThe Phantomus bright colors and style will certainly grab the attention of the children in your life. Coming in either blue or pink the fun colors are made even more attractive to the children in your life thanks to the ghost like apparition that fits to the top of the stylus. The ghost to will certainly appeal to younger children and can be used either just as a stylus topper or when the stylus is not in use to cover it and keep it protected. The Phantomus stylus is very light, especially with the top removed although with it left on it provides a nice balance to the stylus. At $15 the iChic Geat Phantomus is one of the cheapest stylus that we’ve seen and with good build quality, fun design it could be a great option as your childs first stylus.

Kuel – Stylus Pen H10 – $12.95 – HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Kuel - Stylus Pen H10The Stylus Pen H10 from Kuel is the cheapest stylus that we’ve seen but that doesn’t mean that it’s cheap in any other aspect. The small sized stylus comes in a range of colors which provides a lot of options for anyone looking to try out a stylus for the first time or for a pocket sized option that’s not going to break the bank. The stylus is another one that can attach to the headphone socket of the iPhone or iPad and this means that it’s not going to be easy to mislay should that be a problem for you. Because the connector to the headphone socket is connected to the cap of the stylus you don’t have to keep pulling it in and out to use it. Just unclip it in and out of the cap to use and store again when not in use. The Kuel Stylus Pen H10 is a fine stylus at a great price and comes highly recommended.

scribbly.co.uk – Scribbly – £9.99

Scribbly iPad StylusThe Scribbly stylus from scribbly.co.uk is another stylus that is built in the image of another well known writing instrument that everyone is familiar with and that’s the marker pen. From the large, white barrel shaft to the thick nib and clickable lid the scribbly won’t look out of place alongside your other permanent markers, however I wouldn’t suggest that you use it on your wipe board and keep it for your iPad or iPhone instead. The large barrel certainly makes it a comfortable stylus to hold and it’s light too which makes it ideally suited to the younger user. It works well for everything that you would want to use a stylus for although I found it especially suited to drawing, sketching and note taking. So, that’s our ultimate guide to stylus you can purchase for your iPad suited best for children. There are many scribbling, drawing apps in the App Store and now there’s a stylus just just for that.

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