UK Prime Minister David Cameron Loves His Apple iPad

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When interviewed by The Telegraph, new British Prime Minister David Cameron gave a run down of his latest gadgets and they’re all made by Apple. Cameron’s particularly enamored with his Apple iPad, according to the article.

The revelation came as Cameron explained how he manages his iTunes music. Understandably those in charge of IT at Number 10 Downing Street aren’t too keen on him putting his iTunes library on mission critical machines. The fix is an iMac, which the PM bought for his wife Samantha. No details were given on the specs, but I’ll be very disappointed if it isn’t the 27inch model!

Cameron’s favorite part seems to be the ability to control the aforementioned iMac from his iPad presumably using some sort of VNC app. Those hoping the PM is a geek will be slightly disappointed to hear he required help from IT to get it working, however!

The cool thing is that I now control my iMac from the iPad, to play out through the speaker but I have to admit I had a little bit of help from someone in IT on that.

David Cameron isn’t the first politician to embrace Apple’s hardware and particularly the iPad. The Washington Post reported in June how everyone in the West Wing at the time either had, or would be getting, an iPad.

White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel amongst others were reportedly singing the device’s praises, with many actively downloading apps for Apple’s tablet. Favorites included Scrabble, iBooks and the MLB app.

So now we know what they get up to on Air Force One!


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