Spice Up Your Twitter Experience On The iPad With TweetyPop [Review]

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TweetyPop is a social networking application for the iPad that brings some flavor to the incredibly resourceful Twitter world. I have tried some of the best Twitter apps on the iPad and iPhone as I use it often and few have added something new to the usual experience. TweetyPop provides both the traditional Twitter set up and a new twist that makes reading the tweets a little more interesting.

The interface is what this app is all about. Twitter as you know hasn’t made any huge changes but the apps that we use to interact with it make a great deal of difference in your Twitter experience. For instance, I used the standard Twitter app until I found Tweetbot that has new ways to interact with the information that I see on the popular social networking site. TweetyPop does the same type of enhancement; it takes what you see on Twitter and provides it to you in a new and exciting way. How does it do this? The tweets appear in a sort of three dimensional space and once read, can be discarded with the flick of a finger. The tweets still appear chronologically but in a random pattern on the screen. The tweets are layered though so you can tell which are the most recent, which is very important.


You of course still have all of your standard Twitter functions but with the added interface it makes twitter more enjoyable. You can always tap a button to switch back to the “less-fun” list view of Twitter if you are in a hurry to get the information and need to skip the fun way as it does take a bit longer. There is also a slideshow option that will auto-scroll your timeline so you can use TweetyPop as a screensaver which is pretty awesome as well. The overall difference between the functionality of TweetyPop and other Twitter apps is minimal which is great. You don’t lose functionality but you get a few options that make interacting with Twitter more enjoyable.


From the way you can fling messages aside that you no longer want to see to the way you can set it to auto-scroll your timeline with the Slideshow option, the user interface is very intuitive. For those of you that are tired of scrolling through an endless number of tweets this app will break up that monotonous task. The appearance of this app is second to none and the sound effects are as great as they are for any Twitter app. I was impressed with what this app brings to the table. It is not life-changing but a great addition if you are looking to add a new twist to your twitter experience.


  • Looks Amazing
  • Interface is very intuitive
  • Slideshow Mode


  • Added Functionality to twitter would be cool
  • Takes Longer to Go Through Tweets but is just part of it

Tweetbot — A Twitter Client with Personality - Tapbots


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