‘Tweetbot for iPad’ Updated With Retina Graphics for 3rd Gen iPad

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One of, if not the, most popular Twitter client’s for iOS has been updated today in anticipation for the new iPad (3rd generation) which will be released on Friday 16th March. While some deveolopers may have been happy just to update the graphics to take advantage of the high resolution display of the new iPad Tapbots have bundled another great feature and a few of tweaks into this update.

Some of the more minor tweaks include restricted the new tweet alert sound to mentions, DM’s and new tweets via pull to refresh and double tapping the timeline tab at the top of the screen will initially take you to your last read tweet before going to the top.

The major new feature though is the streaming feature that will automatically load and scroll through your timeline as new tweets arrive. The feature works great and allows you to leave Tweetbot for iPad running as your iPad sits on your desk top as the updates to your timeline automatically scroll by in real time.

The update is only available for the iPad version of Tweetbot at the moment as is currently available as a free update to those who already own it. If you are new to Tweetbot it’s $2.99 and worth every cent.


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