Tweet Hunt – Celebirdies Review: A Game to Play and Not Miss out on the Latest Twitter Updates

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Rating: ★★★½☆

Tweet Hunt – Celebirdies Review: You can’t get away from Twitter these days, it’s everywhere. And now it’s being created into a game thanks to the range of Tweet Hunt games, and specifically in this case the celebirdies version which adds the twist of enabling the tweets of celebrities in the game as you play.

So how does Tweet Hunt – Celebirdies integrate the tweets? The game is a simple game of target practice where you take aim with a slingshot in an effort to shoot down birds which are tweets from the specific celebrity that is part of the level you are playing.

There are 4 game types to play through Celebirdies, Top Trends, My Tweeps and Practice. Anyone familiar with Twitter will be familiar with the content of the first 3 game types. Celebirdies uses the tweets of Twitters famous and infamous, inc. Ashton Kucther, Donald Trump and Kanye West to name but a few while Top Trends uses the real time trending topics of the time that you play.

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Both of these game modes can be used without having a Twitter account, however if you wish to play with your Twitter stream and followers you must sign in with your Twitter account so that the game can access your Twitter stream.

So what is the game actually like? Each game type is pretty similar, a whole bunch of birds will launch onto your screen float around for a bit and then float off and it’s your task to shoot them down before they fly off the screen. The birds fly in different routes and get progressively faster so you need to be quick on the draw as you pull back your slingshot and launch your ammunition towards them.

If you strike enough birds down you will move onto the next round and the number of rounds between the levels vary. Each level ends with a battle against a single bird which you will have to hit multiple times before the time runs out to progress.

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At various times a Twitter Fail Whale will also float across the back of the screen and successfully hitting it will result in all active birds being shot down in a single swipe. As you play you will earn points and while some of the celebirdies are unlocked by completing the levels some of the others are unlocked by spending the points to unlock them.

While the game won’t be winning any awards for it’s graphics they are effective enough as are the sound effects and music. The use of live Twitter information is a nice twist but the game gets a little monotonous after a while and the novelty wears a little thin pretty quickly. What is nice and is something that always goes down well with me is that Tweet Hunt is a Universal app meaning that with a single purchase you can play it on either your iPhone or iPad.
Tweet Hunt: Celebirdies - Jared Kroff

  • Another place you cannot hide from Twitter
  • Integrate your own Twitter stream
  • Universal App for iPad & iPhone


  • Another place you cannot hide from Twitter!
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Little variety


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