Tumbledrop for iPhone is a Star in the Physics Puzzle Genre

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Tumbledrop Rating: ★★★★☆

If you’ve played a lot of iPhone/iPod touch games then you may have played Topple 2, the block building puzzle game. Well as part of that game there was a level were instead of building towers you had to “un-build” them while attempting to not break an egg that was placed on top of the building.  Starfruit Games have taken it up a few levels and expanded, built and improved on it in all possible ways!

So Tumbledrop is a physics based puzzle game where the aim of the game is to move a pink star from the top of a pile of blocks to the base below with over 60+ levels split into 3 categories of Beginner, Medium and Hard. The simple premise to the game is matched by its simple controls where all you need to do is tap on a block for it to disappear. Depending on which shape you select the tower will begin to move/fall along with the pink star on top of it and as necessary you will need to remove other blocks, perhaps multiple blocks in order to get the star down to the base without it falling into the surrounding water.

One nice addition is that you are not able to remove blocks one straight after the other but instead have to wait approximately 1 second between moves. This puts much more emphasis on the physics of the game and makes you think in advance as to how you feel the blocks are going to fall. Because the base of the blocks is floating on water there is also a slight rocking motion which ensures that no two attempts are ever exactly the same.

Clearing the levels is relatively easy. I cleared my way through the first 20 beginner levels and 20 medium levels in under 45 minutes but clearing each level is not the only challenge. Each level has two targets. The first target is to complete the level with the minimum number of blocks removed while the second is to complete the level with the maximum number of blocks removed and it’s these two challenges that will keep you coming back again and again with a cry of “Just one more try”! And don’t worry if you fail at a level as one tap of the reload button with have you back at the start of the puzzle you are on in a split second with no annoying load times, confirmation menu’s or screens to navigate through.

It has to be said that there currently is a known bug in the game with one of the levels and this is preventing me from moving on past the 40 levels that I have already completed but the developers have already submitted a fix for this and it is currently waiting to be approved by Apple. More levels in addition to the existing 60 are to be made available in future free update too.

The graphics are very cutesy, with little animated faces on each block which react as they move, crash and fall. However that’s not to say that this game is only for children, far from it. Tumbledrop is a very accessible game and one that will be able to be played by all ages. The music and sound effects are well done too, simple yet effective which seems to be how everything in this game is.

There are mo multi player options at this point and no leader boards, either locally or online, however these omissions take little away from what is a wonderful, relaxed paced, physics puzzler.

Starfruit Games have done a wonderful job with their first release to the app store and even with the current bug it’s well worth the $1.99 price tag. Tumbledrop is a cutesy, simple and addictive puzzle game which will have you wondering why can’t all games be like this.

The Good

  • 60+ Levels with 3 challenges per level.
  • Intuitive controls
  • Cutesy graphics

The Not So Good

  • One known bug that currently restricts progression
  • No multi player mode
  • No leaderboards

Reviewed by: Craig Willis

Play the original browser game here for free!

Price: $1.99 (iTunes Store) as of 18 Jan
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 14.4 MB
Seller: Starfruit Games


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