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If you have a little bit of geek in you then you probably can’t help but be excited about Disney’s upcoming sequel “Tron Legacy”. As part of the advertising push for its debut this Friday, Disney have partnered with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)¬†and used its iAd service to produce a rather beautiful Tron iAd for the iPad.

The Tron iAd has about 10 minutes of video footage, the ability to email a friend from within the ad itself, and some beautifully crafted menus and pages to what is simply a digital movie trailer at the end of the day. Some people have noted, rightly so, that this advert that runs within other apps, actually offers more content than some of the apps do themselves.

In many ways this promotion gels well with Virgin’s new iPad magazine, launched earlier this month, which also featured interactive Tron promotional material, interviews and profiles.

If this is the future of digital advertising and publishing then I am in.

It is worth noting that the memory footprint (at run time) of the iAd on the iPad is a little large, and has apparently caused a few iPads to crash.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the first iPad iAd once you’ve seen it.


{via Business Insider}


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  • Anonymous

    Apple always lead fashion, iPad opened the door of tablet new world this year, and now Apple make us feeling the future of digital advertising.Tron is so wonderful! I think this digital AD project will bring a big Profit for Apple. Apple is really a fashion man! nice! By the way, I am now using the iPad, I think It will be better if Combining with an Aneesoft iPad converter suit.

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