4 Noteworthy Games: Trainyard Express, Monster Falls, TotemHeadz HD, 71 in 1 GameUtilities

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Trainyard Express iPhone

Trainyard Express More Fun in the Trainyard, only this time for Free!

Earlier this year we reviewed the full version of Trainyard and it scored 4.5/5 thanks to its unique puzzles, simple controls and 100+ levels. Well now, or actually on September 30th 2010, a free version of the game is being released in the form of Trainyard Express.

It’s got the same smooth controls, stylish graphics and 60 brand new devilish puzzles. That’s right, 60 brand new never seen before puzzles and so this new game is going to appeal to 2 groups of people.

Firstly players of the original game will love the 60 new challenging puzzles while gamers who had previously sat on the edge can now take the plunge and try Trainyard Express for free before splashing the cash on the full version with 140 tricky levels.

Monster Falls A Fun Game with a Monster Load of Potential

Monster Falls iPhoneImagine Doodle Jump in reverse but instead of how far you fall it’s how quickly you fall and you’ll have a pretty good idea about what Monster Falls is all about.

Monster Falls is 19 levels of monster falling fun where the idea of the game is to steer you circular monster down through the caves as fast as you can. Hitting the walls of the caves and various other obstacles will slow you down while avoiding crashing into things and picking up the glowing bonuses spread throughout the level will earn you the points you need to progress.

The game is fun but needs some polish around the edges. The graphics while detailed in places are a little retro looking in style and while the check points that show you how you are doing compared to the high score is nice the fact that I was never able to view my score on the global leader boards was frustrating.

If the developers continue to work on Monster Falls, add new levels and polish the edges they could have a real winner on their hands here. (View in iTunes)

TotemHeadz HD iPad

TotemHeadz HD A Fun Game but with limited replay value.

While playing TotemHeadz HD it reminded me of playing the game Worms as the game play is very similar with a couple of changes namely it’s not turn based and the controls are as intuitive.

You take control of Bork, a small creature with death on his mind and he his loaded with a variety of weapons to destroy his enemies which are similar little creatures with equally unique names.

There are 20 maps to work through and each one will contain an increasing amount of enemies that you need to destroy to move onto the next level.

There are two virtual sticks one to control your movement, the other to control the power and direction of your weapons which include a pistol, mortar, grenade and landmine which all have there own level of damage.

Moving Bork around is not as intuitive as it should be be the weapon use is easily controlled and seeing your enemies blow up is as satisfying as always!

There are 20 levels to work through in campaign mode and completing them makes them playable in Skirmish mode too.

The game plays well on the iPad and if it is priced competitively it could be worth grabbing hold of. The game will be available on October 1st.

71 in 1 GameUtilities 5 Games 66 Utilities iPhone

71 in 1 GameUtilities There’s Something for Everyone in this Hit & Miss Application.

I guess if you use the scatter-gun approach you are bound to hit something eventually and that’s certainly the case with 71 in 1 GameUtilities which actually breaks down to 66 utilities and 5 games, which at just 99 is pretty good value for money.

None of the games or apps are going to win awards but many of them are usable and playable making the 99 cent cost worth the money.

The 5 games are pretty simple games that while not particularly challenging do provide a distraction and most young children will specifically enjoy Hungry Animals where you have to feed the animals the right food.

As for the utilities I cannot deny that I could defiantly find myself using many of them from time to time and having them all bundled up into a single app saves a lot of space on the springboard. The apps I could see using the most include the spirit level, converter, coin flip, dice roll and zip code finder which all offer good functionality even if they would be used rarely.

At 99c it’s difficult so see a bargain in this multi-app. (View in iTunes)


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  • Kyle

    Loving Monster Falls, but I had the same problem with the global leader boards. On their website they say they’re being attacked by pirates (hackers?). Nice game though. Hope they fix the hacking soon.

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