Traffic Panic 3D Review: A fun way to pass your time while waiting for Burnout

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Traffic Panic 3D Review for iPhone and iPad-1

Rating: ★★★★☆

Traffic Panic 3D Review: The Burnout series of games has always been popular with me and I was excited to hear that EA are working on an iOS version, however it was with almost equal excitement that I saw that Traffic Panic has had a sequel released in the form of Traffic Panic 3D.

If you’ve played the Burnout series you may be aware of the Crash Mode where the aim of the game was to crash as man vehicles as possible and cause as much damage as possible. I loved it and while we wait for Burnout to bring it to iOS Traffic Panic 3D is about as close to that experience as I can get.

Traffic Panic 3D Review for iPhone and iPad-2

In fact Traffic Panic 3D is a hybrid of two games, your first task is to control the traffic and allow as much of it as possible through the intersection without it crashing into the cross traffic.

You carry out this task by controlling the stop light with a simple tap of the screen to toggle between red and green. The traffic starts fairly lightly but as time passes the amount of cars in both directions builds up and up and before long the traffic is passing within a hairs breath of each other as you toggle the lights frantically.

Points are earned for each car that you successfully get through the cross-section and your 1st task is to rack up as high a score as you can.

Traffic Panic 3D Review for iPhone and iPad-3

Inevitably however your vehicles are going to crash and when they eventually do you next task is to attempt to create as much damage as possible. Unfortunately, you don’t have any control over the crashing vehicles so your only option is to sit back and watch the carnage take place. Luckily watching the crashes is fun as the graphics look great as the explosions are big too.

With your traffic control complete and your mangled cars and trucks at rest you’ll be rewarded with some credits which you can use to purchase more cars, trucks and buildings in the in game shop.

These additional vehicles enable you to rack up the points fast and create bigger crashes but you will have to play the game a lot to unlock the buildings and the bigger vehicles that include a tank, unless that is you want to hand over an additional 99c to unlock them all.

Having all the additional content unlocked certainly adds to the fun and at 99c it’s not too expensive either but the in game reminders to purchase it do get rather tiresome and could certainly be turned down a notch.

Traffic Panic 3D Review for iPhone and iPad-4

The game is a universal app but despite the the additional real estate the game is simply a blown up version of the iPhone game which certainly feels like a missed opportunity.

Traffic Panic 3D includes over 40 achievements to keep you busy and two Leaderboards for for both amount of damage and high scores which should keep you busy for a while.

While I would like to see multiple intersections and less reliance on making the in app purchase Traffic Panic 3D is still a lot of fun.
Traffic Panic 3D - Neon Play
What we like:

  • Looks and sounds great
  • Trigger finger addiction
  • Big crashes

What to know:

  • No control of the crashes
  • Too many reminders


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