Canada Welcomes The iPad 2, World Joins In

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Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall was the scene for another iPad 2 launch today, with the Canadian public turning out in force to welcome the new tablet, writes PC World.

iPad 2 tech specs-2 Photo

With doors opening at 5pm, around 150 people were in-line hoping to be able to pick up their iPad of choice, with many having been there since the night before, with sub-zero temperatures unable to put them off waiting in line.

With the iPad 2 going on sale across the globe on Friday, the Toronto scenes were repeated worldwide. Stores in the UK and rest of Europe reportedly ran out of stock completely with many customers disappointed thanks to Apple’s decision not to allow pre-orders online as they have in the past.

Current stock levels are hit and miss, with many Apple Stores receiving stock on a daily basis, though numbers are still limited. It’s the same story online, with shipping dates ranging between two and four weeks for all models.

If you’re still on the look out for an iPad 2 it seems you have two options. Either order online and wait patiently for a dispatch email, or take you chances in the scary world of Apple Store roulette.

Good luck, whichever choice you make!


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