Tiny Invaders Review: Infectiously Fun Game for iPhone

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Rating: ★★★★☆

Tiny Invaders-2Tiny Invaders Review: A disgusting little game where it’s your mission as an alien to unleash a virus to infect the humans, all the humans, until you reach the President. Take me to your leader!

Your spacecraft crash lands on Earth and you quickly go about selecting a victim. You work your way into the maze of their circulatory system and navigate to make sure the whole system gets infected. A couple of germs are sent out from the host invader to spread the infection. They must scoop up the white blood cells and return them to the host alien. When all the white blood cells are consumed, the infection is complete.

The mazes look simple enough, until you learn that you can only carry so many white blood cells at a time and you have to return to the home-base alien to drop them off. You’ll need to plan ahead to throw the switches in the tracks to allow you to return to base and then back out again to get the rest of the cargo. Only when all the white blood cells are consumed and brought back to the alien is the infection of that level complete. There are 60 levels and it would take quite a bit for the game to get repetitive. Changing just one switch changes the whole strategy for a level.

Tiny Invaders-3Each of the mazes is timed. Before you begin you are shown the time you will have to beat to earn one, two, or three stars on the level. There is a clock in the corner of the screen you can keep an eye on if you’re gunning for a specific time. You can push your germs along the track to make them go faster. And you can work to improve your times, as these are what mark your standing on the Game Center leader boards.

The cartoon characters and sickening colors give this game a comical appeal. And while there is 50s-style-scifi spacey music, the game is mostly silent when you get to the mazes. I’m not sure sound effects would be a good thing there anyway given the setting of the game (intestines, brains, and the like).

Tiny Invaders {$0.99} is a quirky take on a track-style game. It’s amusing story and exciting game play keeps you spreading the fun level by level. A great game for casual gamers and youngsters, and also for folks who want to test their strategy skills and push for better and better times.
Tiny Invaders - Hogrocket

  • Creepily fun and easily understood story and mission
  • Based on the simple concept of throwing switches on tracks
  • Tests your timing skills to throw switches and avoid defenses


  • A little bit of background music for the mazes wouldn’t hurt



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