Time Warner Cable Expands iOS App to Include iPhone and iPod touch

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Time Warner Cable, one of the largest cable service providers in the United States introduced its iPad app last year. The TWC TV app allowed subscribers of Time Warner Cable’s service to control their DVR via the app and even allowed customers to watch live television through the app, as long as they were connected to the same WiFi network.

On Friday, TWC announced that they are making the application, previously only for the iPad, available to the iPhone and iPod touch. Customers can now do everything from watching live TV, managing their DVR and changing channels on their set-top box.

If you are a Time Warner Cable video subscriber, the FREE TWC TV app turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into another TV screen and lets you watch selected live cable channels while in your home, through your wireless home network. Watch Bravo from your bedroom, take Food Network with you to the kitchen or catch up on CNBC news from the breakfast table.

  • Interactive program guide (IPG) – up to 7 days of listings. View detailed show descriptions including box art. Option to display “HD only” or “favorites only” by creating a favorite channel list.
  • Search – search for programming by title or episode name and filter results by genre
  • Set-top box tuning – tap on a network logo or “watch on TV” button within the program description to tune compatible set-top boxes directly to the channel
  • DVR management – schedule one-time and series recordings on compatible DVRs directly from the IPG. Tap on the “DVR” button to see a list of all upcoming recordings and make changes or cancel recordings

Time Warner Cable currently offers over 196 channels through the app, although many of those will be based on location and availability in certain areas. The updated TWC TV app is now available on the App Store for free and is available as a universal app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch [App Store Link].

{via iMore}


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  • Adam

    Those look like great updates. I just don’t understand why
    Time Warner offers streaming apps on a phone when you can’t stream from
    anywhere but your home network? I will give them some credit for expanding the
    channel lineup past 40 but it doesn’t sound like customers will be able to
    access all of their subscribed channels. It seems they still have some distance
    to go before they catch up with my Sling Adapter and the DISH Remote Access
    app. I can stream all of my subscribed channels to almost any device. I can
    stream with any access to 3g, 4g or WIFI so I am not tied down to my home
    network. All the TV providers are calling their apps TV Everywhere but only one
    actually lets you leave the house. DISH has a commitment to lead innovation
    which makes me glad I am an employee. I get to check out the coolest new
    technology first.

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