Tiki Totems 2 – A fun physics puzzle game for iPhone 4

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Tiki Totems 2 Rating: ★★★★½

Tiki Totems 2 is a great puzzle game that will have you gripped from the start. Keep the gods happy by clearing the blocks that are underneath the totem. Don’t let it touch the ground though otherwise the gods will be angry and they will send hot burning lava on to your villagers.

Created by Spokko, Tiki Totems is an addictive puzzle game that is very easy to pick up and play at any time. You start with the prologue level and this is really a tutorial to get you to understand how to play the game. The objective is to clear all the blocks away without the totem falling, then you can move onto the next level.

The main thing you need to know is the different sort of blocks you have to clear from under the totem. There are normal wooden blocks which just require one tap on them to clear, ice blocks which will crack the first time then break the second time. Ice won’t break if you tap it you have to make it fall or drop a block on it, then it will break or crack. Green covered moss blocks have a little bounce to them if another block lands on them.

There are also stone blocks which cannot be moved they are more there just to get in your way. Also magic blocks you are unable to do anything with them. To clear them you have to make two magic blocks collide then they will disappear! There are also bombs on some of the levels, watch out for these, when you make them explode they can send the totem and blocks flying in different directions to where you want them to go.

Tiki Totems 2

The game reminds me a little of Saving Private Sheep which is also available in the app store. If you like that you will certainly like this! The blocks have to be removed but as you progress it becomes harder as there are obstacles in your way. It might be that you have to control a ramp that the totem is on or balance it on a block. It is the type of game you need to plan ahead before you just try clearing the blocks.

It starts off nice and easy and you think it is going to be easy to complete it but then as you get further into the levels it is quite hard. There is also Game Center and Open Feint integration which is great so you can complete with your friends and unlock all the achievements.

The game also features a level editor. This is where you can create unlimited levels of your own. A great easy to use feature and one that the developers used themselves to create each level within the game!

The graphics are retina display ready and the music is very fitting for the game and made it an enjoyable game to play. Multi-tasking is also supported. I think the game could do with more levels but there is a section within the game that says, ‘more soon’ so it looks like that is already in the pipeline.


  • Fun, addictive puzzler.
  • Great graphics and sounds
  • Game Center and Open Feint achievements.
  • Level editor.


  • Could do with more levels.

Touch Reviews got an exclusive look of Tiki Totems 2 before the release. The game will be available on the App Store soon.


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