‘The Moogies’ Review: A Great Way to Keep Your Young Ones Quiet!

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Rating: ★★★★½

The Moogies Review-1The Moogies Review: Chillingo is well known for its high quality games and so when they release a non-game it’s intriguing to see what they can come up with. In this case they introduce us to The Moogies {$2.99}, which given the title and the musical introduction to the game you could be forgiven for thinking that you are about to watch a new TV sitcom.

In fact it is a little like a sitcom with a cast of crazy farm animals all eager for your attention. There are nine animals in total each of which will attempt to entertain you in their room with a variety of actions, animations, noises and activities.

Appropriately apt for an app on a mobile device each animal is on the phone in their room but they are also always knee deep in some other activity. From vacuuming cows and fishing cats to a horse on a treadmill and a sheep in her boudoir they each bring something pretty unique to the app.

The Moogies Review-2Once you have launched any of the 9 animals by clicking on them as they hang out of a barn window you can start to interact with them by pressing all over the screen. Different things will react in different ways but they are always surprising.

Not only can you interact with them all by touching them but because they are always on the phone, whether it be lighting fuel, a banana or a hair brush, you can also talk to them and hear their garbled, babbling responses. The one exception to this however is the parrot who, just as you would expect, simply repeats what you say.

As you can imagine there is no scoring or achievements to be unlocked in this game but it is beautifully put together, very amusing and has an infectious backing track. The app is aimed specifically at 2-6 year olds and given the respones of my two children I would say that Chillingo have hit the nail on the head.

The Moogies is a universal app so if you have both in iPhone/iPod touch and an iPad you can install them on both.
The Moogies - Chillingo Ltd
What we like:

  • 9 engaging animals
  • Fun to play
  • Great for kids

What to know:

  • More Moogies please



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