Tethering Removed From Settings in iPad 4.2 Beta 3

Tethering iPad iOS 4.2 Beta 3

Speculation that iPhone-like tethering is making its way to the iPad started with the release of iOS 4.2 beta 2 a short while ago, but with the release of the software’s third beta last week, it’s been discovered that the settings for tethering have now been removed.

The screenshot below, taken by 9to5 Mac, shows that the tethering options previously available are no longer present under the ‘Cellular Data’ fields within the settings app on the iPad.

Tethering iPad iOS 4.2 Beta 3

The removal of the tethering feature from the latest beta could mean several things. Although it won’t necessarily mean that the feature has been scrapped for the tablet device, as 9to5 Mac points out, it could be that a code mix-up with the iPhone caused the feature to appear in the software for the iPad. However, it could be that the feature wasn’t quite ready, and that it will reappear in a later beta or in the final release of the 4.2 iOS software.


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  1. Tethering isn’t “new” for Apple. Hard to see how the “code” might not have been “ready”.

    Apple is either gonna do it, or not. If so, great. If not, it’s Apple effing us around yet again.

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