Technical Planning That Brought iPhone 4 to Verizon Took 6-9 Months

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In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Verizon Communications President Lowell McAdam explained how the technical planning needed to bring the iPhone 4 to Verizon took six or nine months, while the commercial planning took just one day. McAdam told Bloomberg, “We worked probably six or nine months on the technical side of this and saw we could make this work. Then we did the commercial side. The commercial side took us a day.”

McAdam explains that the deal which finally brought the iPhone to Verizon took years to complete. As a result of Apple’s concern with the issues from AT&T, extensive testing took place in an effort to provide the Verizon device without any network issues, and saw the two companies erect CDMA towers at Apple’s campus in Cupertino. Apple and Verizon also agreed to trade “insider information” about their upcoming products and services.

McAdam himself personally tested the CDMA iPhone 4 before it was launched on Tuesday, and one of his colleagues, a top engineer for the company, worked with Apple at its campus to help the company learn CDMA technology. The Chief Executives for both companies – Steve Jobs and Ivan Seidenberg – were personally involved with negotiations that finally resulted in a second carrier offering the smartphone in the U.S.

However, it seems it’s not just the iPhone 4 that Apple and Verizon have struck a deal on. In an interview shortly after Verizon’s announcement, the company’s CFO, Francis Shammo, declared that Apple’s iPad would also feature a CDMA chip and be available on the network in the future.

The iPhone 4 will be available on Verizon from February 10th, with pre-orders starting on February 3rd for existing Verizon customer.

[via AppleInsider]


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