Taxi Jam Tips and Tricks: Unlock New Cities

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Taxi Jam Tips and Tricks

So you’ve started your own taxi cab business but no sooner have you dropped off your first passengers some others are getting extremely angry to the extent that they glow red, throb and ultimately explode, in addition your cars start crashing into each other and not to mention head on collisions with the emergency services! Luckily all this is via the new iPhone/iPod Touch app Taxi Jam and therefore there’s no risk that you are going to be getting a visit from multiple lawyers with multiple lawsuits.

So how do you avoid all these potential hazards in Taxi Jam opening up the new cities and ultimately climb that high score table.

1. During the early stages where there’s not much going on, you can make directing your cab easy by simply dragging your finger from point A to point B and let the cab direct itself. As the game heats up though being more specific with your directions are definitely required. Try to keep the number of cars for passengers around them same for as long as you can. Moving multiple cars when you don’t need to is just hard work.

3. Keep your cars off of the drop off points if they are waiting for another pickup. This way you don’t need to move them if another cab needs to drop off.

4. When directing cabs to drop off passengers drag the car through the drop off point and onto another parking location or if available straight to another passenger. The cab will then drop the passenger off and go straight on to it’s next location.

5. As the numbers of cabs and passengers progress try to keep the cabs to a specific area of the map, that way there is unnecessary criss-crossing of paths. Obviously if the passenger you pick up needs to be dropped off on the other side of town you’ll have no choice.

6. You don’t lose anything for picking up and dropping of an angry customer, so if it’s easier to send a close cab after they’ve dropped another passenger off then do so, as long as you do catch them before they explode!

7. Watch out of exclamation marks over your cabs as this means there paths collide. However as long as you time it right there’s no need to re-direct all potential collisions.

8. Although the emergency vehicle will display their route on the map the side of the map they originate from varies so do hesitate in moving cars that are in it’s path out of the way starting with the cars on the edge of the map.

9. Keeping the right amount of cabs out on the streets is key but if you find yourself with too many cabs out on the road all at the same time simply drag them back into the taxi rank on the left hand side to park them safely away.

10. If you are wondering what you have to do to get to open up the later levels it’s this, simply pick up and drop off 100 passengers in each city. And with these tips and some practice you shouldn’t have any problems

Tips By: Craig Willis

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