Taxi Fight: Another Quality Game from Glu Mobile

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Taxi Fight iPhone Game_4

Taxi Fight Rating: ★★★½☆

It seems that most iPhone/iPod touch application developers these days must travel to work by taxi as it appears that there is a plethora of taxi based games out there. Both Taxi Jam and Fare City have received high praise over recent months and now Glu Mobile are jumping on the band wagon with their taxi related game Taxi Fight.

The premise in Taxi Flight is similar to the other previously mentioned titles where the aim of the game is to complete as many fares as you can. The difference this time is that you are in control of the passengers not the taxi’s.

The playing area is a top down view of a couple of blocks of city and immediately there will be passengers waiting to be directed to the many taxis that are roaming the city. There are three passengers types for you to control, businessman, old man and lazy tourist and directing them to a cab is a simple task of dragging them to an available taxi.

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You start with just the businessmen who will run towards the cabs when instructed and in order for them to jump into the taxi you simply need to direct them to stand in front of them, however the taxi’s won’t stop and wait so placing your passengers strategically in the path of the available taxi’s is the key to this game and taking notice of the traffic lights. The indicators on each cab will help you place your passengers accordingly.

Placing your passengers randomly in the street will not be a usable solution to racking up big points though as while empty taxis, signified by a glowing blue light, will pick up a passenger that is standing in their way a taxi which is already carrying a passenger to his destination will simply run over your passenger and kill him!

Taxi Flight is not a forgiving game and one dead passenger will mean game over.

As you progress and more of you passengers get ferried to their destinations the number of taxi’s will increase along with the difficulty level of trying to maintain a safe environment for your passengers. To add to this the other passengers begin to be introduced to the game and both the old man and lazy tourist aren’t as fluid in their movement as the businessman. This means that you will need to keep an even more keen eye on their proximity to those occupied cab’s with a death wish.

Taxi Fight iPhone Game

That’s as simple as it gets, last for as long as you can before any passenger gets killed and try to beat your previous score. Talking of scores Taxi Fight is only a single player game and the high score table is local.

The environment looks nice, as you would expect from Glu, however the controls can be a little frustrating as the passengers will sometimes get caught behind a traffic light and while you may drag a passenger directly to a cab he will stop mid-way and unless you notice it and drag him again he will stay where he is missing his taxi and potentially taking a head on shot from another taxi.

That being said at $99 it’s another quality little app from Glu and with the potential of additional content being released in the future you could be picking up a bargain.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $.99

The Good

  • Unique twist on an established format
  • Cool cartoon graphics

The Not So Good

  • Sticky controls
  • Limited content
  • Single player only

Reviewed By: @CraigWillis


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  • proxy

    nice game to play…..
    u mentioned that its for 99 cents but i think its free in app store

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