Tappi Bear All in 1 for iPhone and iPad [Game Center]

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Tappi Bear All in 1 Rating: ★★★½☆

Tappi Bear All In One is a super, cute app with five mini games. Developed by Taplay it is an app you can play anytime, anywhere. Join Tappi the donut loving bear on his journey, fighting the enemy as he goes!

The app includes five games, all of them are very easy to understand and play and most involve just a few taps to control the game. The games are:

Tappi Bear All in 1Space Rush – You are controlling the little bear through space, dodging all the obstacles as you go. To turn left or right you just tap in that direction or you can use the slide control instead. Don’t forget to collect the donuts as you go.

Donut Dance – On your screen will be lots of colourful dancing bears. All of the bears are playing pass the donut, watch where it goes and when the music stops tap which bear had it last.

Donut Ninja – This time Tappi Bear is feeding the enemy with donuts. As soon as you see a enemy bear tap it and it will feed him and make him disappear. To get a bonus remember to feed the UFO with one.

Kungfu Battle – Tappi is protecting his donuts this time. Appoaching you in the centre will be the enemy bears again. Do not let them get to your donuts by tapping at them as they approach. When you do this he strikes them with his weapon. You have three lives so just try and keep as many away as possible.

Tap Tap Jump – Help Tappi climp up the vine by pressing and holding anywhere for him to catch the vine then release and he will jump. Collect the donuts as you go and don’t let him fall.

Tappi Bear All in 1 iPhoneThe games are all very simple and may not be for everyone especially the hardcore gamers. The only mini game you may struggle with its Tap Tap Jump because at times it was hard to keep the bear climbing up the vines.

The graphics are very colourful and the bears are cute looking and eye catching, there is nothing spectacular about them but they are very suited to the game.

Quite a few of the games are addictive, my favorite was the Donut Dance and Kungfu Battle and you do play and think ‘I’ll just have one more game’. The game is also enabled with Apple’s Game Center so you can compete with your friends for high scores and achievements a feature that will make you want to keep playing it.


  • Easy and simple to play
  • Game Center integration offers lots of replay.


  • Graphics are too basic

$0.99 (View in iTunes)
Category: Games
Released:Sep 10, 2010
Reviewed Version:1.0
Size: 13.2 MB
Seller:Hong Fai Wong
© 2010 Taplay.com
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later


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