Tapper World Tour HD Review: Serving Up a Roomful of Fun

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Rating: ★★★★☆

Tapper World Tour HD Review: A high-speed challenge to keep the local watering hole running smoothly.

Imagine yourself as a lone bartender with a room full of demanding patrons. Your job is to keep them happy by sliding a beverage down the bar for each of them. You’ve got multiple stations to manage, as well as empties and tips to pick up.

The game starts off relatively easy, a few patrons here, a couple over there. But it quickly gets to be nearly as fast-paced as any real-world hot spot would be. You’ve got to be quick and be able to see things coming ahead of time while you jump between stations and race to pick up empties and tips.

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On top of needing to see things almost before they happen, the game gets more complicated as you go along. Patrons have special requests, they become more demanding, and you still have to keep up. You are given a few new tricks to help you out though, such as entertainment to distract them and a bar clearer that takes care of the entire room at once.

Being a “world tour,” the game has several different settings that reflect different locales. But the best one right now is the Seasons location. You get to serve zombies in a haunted house. It’s tempting to jump right in to the Seasons option, but I’d recommend starting with the initial regional location (Mexico) first. It starts a bit slower and gives you the guidance you need to understand the game. Starting with the Seasons choice throws you right in the middle of the game and you’re pretty much on your own.

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Coming from Warner Bros., the graphics and sound quality is top notch. The legendary Don Bluth and team created the art, which is clear, detailed, lighthearted, and comic book-like. The music is the same. It is well suited to each setting and lively enough to reflect the quick pace of the game.

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Tapper World Tour HD is an addicting game that makes you think it’s easy until you find yourself stumped by it. There’s plenty of variety here too: in the locations, the challenges (i.e., getting the right drinks to the right people), and in the mini-games that break it up a bit. And with the Seasons option, there are plenty of reasons to come back for new experiences time after time.

What we like:

  • Fun setting
  • Challenge is easy to understand, but difficult to execute
  • Easy interface
  • Lots of variety in settings and game details

What to know:

  • Instructions weren’t embedded in the seasons option
  • The term “Story” isn’t clear


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