Great Grungy Edition to the Tap Tap Revenge Genre

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Tap Tap Revenge Nirvana Edition Rating: ★★★★☆

Another Great Grungy Edition to the Tap Tap Revenge Genre!

If success was based on quantity then Tapulous would be one of the most successful developers in the App Store, after all in there Tap Tap Revenge series they now have over half a dozen artist specific titles alone including Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga and Metallica to name but a few.

However, as we know success isn’t based on quantity, it’s based on quality too. For Tapulous that’s not a issue either. From their free version Tap Tap Revenge 3 to the aforementioned artist specific titles they have been getting rave reviews from players and reviewers and now they are releasing their latest artist specific incarnation in the form of Tap Tap Revenge Nirvana which pays homage to the kings of Grunge.

TTR_Nirvana_Revenge_3A quick review for those of you that haven’t played any of the Tap Tap Revenge games before. On launching the game you’ll get to choose from four difficulty levels, Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme and depending on which you choose you will be able to select one of the tracks to play along too.

Once the track has loaded, which only takes a few seconds, you’re ready to play the game. The notes flow down the screen in time with the music, in this Nirvana version of the game the notes flow down a guitar neck, and when the notes hit the bottom of the screen you task is to tap or tap and hold the note in time with the music.

This Nirvana version works just as well as all the previous releases and the dirty beats of Nirvana’s classic tracks work well too. There are 15 tracks in total from all their classic albums including hits such as Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, Lithium and In Bloom with a couple of live versions thrown in for good measure too.

The graphics are great looking, sharp and smooth and there are a number of different styles as you play through the different tracks and that’s before you have unlocked the four special levels that are unlocked as you complete all of the tracks across the four difficulty levels.

TTR_Nirvana_Revenge_5For the more serious Nirvana fans or for those wanting to learn more about them there is a short history of the band and you can also start each song with a snippet of interviews with the band.

While just like the other artist specific versions there is no online multi-player option but you can play 2-player over Bluetooth. It’s also worth noting that you are unable to import the songs into Tap Tap Revenge 3 so that you can play them online via that application.

All said and done Tap Tap Revenge Nirvana Edition is as good as they come.  There are no major new features other than the Nirvana tracks themselves but then again it’s difficult to improve on a winning formula.

The Good

  • 15 hits from Nirvana
  • TTR’s winning formula
  • Great looking themes

The Not So Good

  • Still no online multi-player

The game will be available tomorrow. We’ll post the iTunes Store URL and price soon.

TTR Nirvana Screenshots


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