Tallies: Your Customizable Counter

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Rating: ★★★★★

A feature complete count keeper

Tallies goes beyond traditional counters by storing a complete history of each tally’s activity. Watching your coffee intake? Tracking attendance? Keeping an eye on inventory? Tallies is a great way to keep a daily log.

I think this application is so complete that it would be hard to suggest anything it doesn’t have or going to have. This application is essentially a virtual chalkboard which I think is the perfect way of presenting such an app, just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean it can’t mimic real life, however I think the dots representing how many swipe-able tally screens could be moved onto the wooden border mimicking small holes would fit in better with the theme rather than reducing the size of the slate to accommodate the standard style as seen here.

Each tally is very customizable, with editable name and unit name, start and ending count and how much each mark is worth in positive and negative figures. While customizing your tally you will also find options to file the current session, erase current session and erase both current and filed sessions along with the simple delete this tally option. This moves us on to the History option which shows you a history of each tally and also an option to view all tallies together in one list. A little niggle I have with this is when you choose to change which tally is viewed, the scroll wheel interface is perhaps a bad choice because as you scroll through your (ever growing) list if you pause to take another swipe it will take that as your selection and load it up. Something else I would like to see here is an export option so you can store and use your data on your computer.

The final tab to talk about is Organize, here you can add and delete tallies and change the order they appear in on the Tallies screen, and quickly select a certain tally should you have a large amount stored in the app.

iphone-apps-promo-codes-official-app-store-badge_4Price $1.99 (sale price, previously $2.99)

The Good

  • Highly configurable
  • Sessions and history feature
  • Good looking life imitating graphics…

The Not so Good

  • …that needs some tweaking

Touch Reviewer: TylerDurdan

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