The Burning Question: Will The iPad 2 Blend?

iPad 2 Will it Blend

You know the drill folks. A new object of tech-lust gets released and the guys over at Blendtec get their hands on one. What happens next, may bring a tear to your eye.

Oliver HaslamThe Burning Question: Will The iPad 2 Blend?

Will It Blend: iPhone 4?

I’m sure most of you are on YouTube frequenlty and have come across “Will It Blend.” “Will It Blend” is a marketing campaign sponsored by Blendtec. They show off the power of their Total Blender by blending objects down to dust. Today they posted a video in which they blended the new iPhone 4! There not stopping there either, they’re … Read More

Ravin MohindruWill It Blend: iPhone 4?