iPad 2 Spotted at Launch of ‘The Daily’ with Front-Facing Camera?

The Daily Launch iPad 2

At a media conference launching ‘The Daily’ digital newspaper on Wednesday, and eagle-eyed attendee claims to have spotted a working prototype of Apple’s second-generation iPad 2, notable by its front-facing camera. A report from Reuters is backing up the claims after a source with knowledge of the device confirmed its existence, and also suggested that the finished model could boast … Read More

Apple’s iPad 2 To Skip SD Card Slot? [Second Generation]

iPad 2 No SD Card Slot

The rumor mill has been busy speculating the new features and hardware changes in Apple’s upcoming second gen iPad or iPad 2. Almost all rumors we have previously reported agree with at least three major changes. iPad 2 will be thinner & lighter, support FaceTime camera and 3-axis gyroscope. However, the possibility of retina display and SD card slot still remains … Read More

iPad 3 to have Retina Display, not the iPad 2 (Rumor)

Now here is a rumor that I believe. In fact I was discussing this with our editor just before the weekend. If you want my final prediction on the iPad 2 then here it is… More RAM with same CPU (perhaps slightly faster – not dual core), new GPU (a really nice one). The second gen iPad will feature same … Read More

iPad 2 Retina Display Rumor Roundup

Over the last couple of weeks there have been a number of discussions on various rumour sites about the exact resolution of the screen on the new iPad 2. The popular favourite is that the iPad 2 will offer a “Retina” style display with exactly double the resolution of the current model. This would certainly be the best choice for any … Read More

Rumor : iPad 2 Event On February 9th?

9TO5Mac have picked up on an iPad 2 titbit, and thrown out a little rumour that is at least fun to mull over. The original iPad was introduced on January the 27th, and the Calendar app then on the iPad showed a 27. Pictures currently being circulated of the iPad 2, although the source is unclear, show the 9th on the … Read More

Details Regarding Apple’s New A5 Chip for Upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Emerge

If you haven’t already heard, it seems Apple are working hard on a new custom processor for its upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 2 devices. The A4 successor is rumored to be dual-core with faster graphics, capable of supporting a higher resolution on the company’s successful tablet device, and potentially 1080p HD support for iOS devices. The current A4 chip, … Read More

Apple’s iPad 2 to have 2048 x 1536 “Retina” Display?

When Apple introduced the iPhone 4 they also introduced the concept of the “Retina” display. A display with a pixel/dot per inch (DPI) rating that is high enough that when held at a normal distance from the eye each individual pixel is effectively invisible. Giving the appearance of perfectly formed text, much like the quality we expect in glossy printed … Read More

iOS 4.3 SDK files point to camera in Apple’s iPad 2

ipad4 take picture

People have been debating the possibility, or PROBABILITY of a camera being part of the eagerly awaited iPad 2 ever since the first tablet was announced. Now, thanks to iOS 4.3’s 1st beta release, might know for sure. After flicking through the iOS SDK and using files found inside it, 9to5Mac’s tipster, Sonny D has managed to piece together screenshot … Read More

Second Gen iPad To Arrive in April?

It’s getting to that time of year where the iPad 2 rumors start, and now MacRumors is reporting that MacNotes.de claims the 2nd generation iPad will be released on either April 2nd or 9th – at least in the United States. The german site reports that the next iPad will be released in the US a few months before becoming … Read More

iPhone 5 and iPad 2 to lose Home Button? [Rumor]

Boy Genius Report have caused a little bit of a stir on the inter-webs today with an “exclusive” Apple leak which claims that iOS devices that do not have a Home Button (specifically next gen. iPads and the iPhones) are being tested on Apple’s Cupertino campus, for a launch as early as this year. We have exclusively been told that … Read More

Apple will be announcing the iPad 2 in the next “3-4 weeks” : Kevin Rose

Hey look, Kevin Rose just started a new podcast and paid email newsletter and now claims to have info on the next generation iPad. /cynic mode off. So here’s the story; Rose, founder of social bookmarking site Digg.com claims to have information regarding the upcoming announcement of Apple’s iPad 2. I have it on good authority that Apple will be … Read More

Second-Gen Apple iPad Cases Removed From Chinese Trade Site

iPad 2 Second Gen Case

Cases listed on international business-to-business trade site Alibaba.com, which are rumored to be for the second-generation iPad, were removed earlier this week after the site received a “legitimate takedown request” and was ordered to remove the listings. Although a spokesman for the Alibaba Group declined to disclose the source of the request, the fact that the site was ordered to … Read More

State of the Apple iPad 2011

2010 was undoubtedly the “Year of the iPad”. As much as the last couple of years have been the iPhone years. Initially some pundits predicted that the iPad would only sell in numbers approaching 1 million. Well, Apple has surpassed those estimates by an order of magnitude! Ah, but then those same pundits were then quick to counter with claims … Read More

7-inch Apple iPad Mini Rumors Surface Again

Reuters are reporting that Apple is getting ready to manufacture a 7 inch iPad for launch early next year. Yes, we’ve heard this all before. And yes, Steve Jobs has publicly denied the idea. But then, as I have pointed out before, Apple have also denied the idea of mice with more than one button, iPods that play videos, Mac … Read More