Apple Updates ‘Find My Friends’ App With Location Alerts Page Redone

Find My Friends App Update

Apple has released a new update to its ‘Find My Friends’ application, redesigning the Location Alerts page. The app, which was released last September allows iOS users to find the location of their friends who also use the application. Although the app hasn’t been wildly popular, it does represent the direction that Apple is going with location, and could potentially … Read More

Apple Airs New iPhone 4S TV Ad Featuring Martin Scorsese

iPhone 4S Siri Ad martin Scorsese

Since the introduction of Apple’s popular iPhone 4S last October, the company has gone ahead to air a number of ads for the smartphone’s groundbreaking personal assistant, Siri. Late Monday, Apple began to air a new commercial for Siri, this time using a different celebrity, director and producer Martin Scorsese. Scorsese is best known for his work in popular and … Read More

Is ‘Find My Friends’ Apple’s New Location Service? [iOS 4.3 Beta 1]

It’s amazing what you can find when you go digging through iOS betas, and version 4.3 beta 1 is no exception. MacRumors has posted a screenshot of settings for a new feature called ‘Find My Friends’ that appear to be related to MobileMe. Is Apple getting ready to enter the world of location-based checkins? Apple obviously has the ability to … Read More