Swipe Soccer HD for iPad. Crazy Soccer Action in this Line Drawing Hybrid

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Swipe Soccer HD Rating: ★★★★☆

Swipe Soccer HD brings a whole new approach to soccer games on the iPad. Gone are the high quality 3D graphics, gone are the d-pad controls and actions buttons, instead Swipe Soccer HD combines the line drawing techniques made famous by Flight Control, Harbour Master and Fare City and combines it with the worlds most popular sport.

As the game is a pretty unique concept the game includes a detailed tutorial ranging from the seemingly obvious tasks of running, chasing, passing and shooting to the more advanced techniques of first-time passing and shooting and the highly technical two finger kick.

Swipe Soccer HD iPadWhile it may seem irrelevant to view such basic instruction it is highly recommended and once viewed and practiced the basics at least become second nature.

The games use five aside rules for play so there’s no need to worry about offside or thrown-ins as the ball is always active bouncing off of the sides of the pitch should a pass go astray.

Moving your players is as simple touching the relevant player that you wish to move and draw the path that you wish them to run along. This will need to be done with all five players as not only do you have to contend with getting the ball but also positioning your players to move into space to be available for a pass.

When your player has the ball, drawing a line from them will either shoot the ball towards the goal or pass to another player. You can also draw a line to the ball or a specific player and your player will follow it until they get the ball.

You can play the game through 6 different levels of difficulty with each level becoming unlocked as you complete the previous difficulty. This helps you build up your skills without getting hammered 10-0 every time. The main difference between the difficulty levels is the speed and AI intelligence of the opposition.

Swipe Soccer HDRather than an alternative to any one of the full on soccer simulators that are available such as Pro Evolution, Fifa or X2 Soccer, Swipe Soccer HD is a more appropriate alternative to Foosball apps especially when you take on the two player challenge.

The two player mode works on a single app where you will intertwine your fingers with you opponent on a single iPad. The two player game can be set to be decided based on a time limit or the first to a given number of goals.

It works really well and other than the risk of a fractured finger as you and your opponent attempt to draw lines on the iPad at the same time it provides a lot of line drawing soccer fun.

The only thing missing from this fun game would be the ability to change the theme including the pitch style, player colors and the ability to track your game history especially the two player mode so your wins can be retained for the ultimate in bragging rights.

While Swipe Soccer HD may not have the depth of the full soccer sims it makes up for it in pick up and play fun and the craziness of the two player mode. It may not be a game that you play everyday but when you have friends over it’s the perfect app to load up for some crazy soccer action.


  • Unique line drawing soccer action
  • 5-a-side rules
  • 2 player party fun


  • No ability to change styles
  • No game history

Swipe Soccer HD for iPad

Price: $2.99 (iTunes Store)
Category: Games
Updated: Jul 05, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.2
9.2 MB
Language: English
Seller: Markus Halttunen
© 2010 Essentia Solutions
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.


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