Surviving High School for iPhone and iPod touch: Screenshots

Surviving High School the popular social sim will be available for iPhone this Fall. The game promises huge replay value as new episodes will be made available every week. If you want to re-live your High School days then this game should definitely be on your wish list.

Enjoy the screenshots!

Fact Sheet

Hey, What’s Your Story?
With multiple people to date, tons of quiz questions, and secret scenes, the story can bend any way you choose… You’ll want to play this one more than once to see how things could have turned out differently!

Tune In For More Every Week
Just like a good TV show, “tune in” each week for new episodes at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Find out what happens to your favorite characters as the school year continues!

You Cause All The Drama
Your choices twist and turn your story in different directions. Easy and intuitive touch-control action sucks you right into the mix.

You’ll Like The Look
Comic-style graphics, funny dialogue, and mini-games combine to make this the best Surviving High School ever!

School’s Always In Session On Demand
Get even more great Surviving High School stories when you purchase EPISODES ON DEMAND.

Go back to school whenever you want with…

  • Never-before-seen episodes.
  • Episodes you missed.
  • Upcoming episodes.

Surviving High School for iPhone: Screenshots

Surviving High School_1

Surviving High School_1

Surviving High School iPhone_2

Surviving High School iPhone_2

Surviving High School iPhone_3

Surviving High School iPhone_3


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