Surviving High School HD Review: OMG, It’s Like, Cool, LOL

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Rating: ★★★☆☆

Surviving High School HD Review: The game lets you navigate the tricky path of high school relationships, schoolwork, teachers, and activities all from the safety of your iPad.

Surviving High School HD is the story, your story, of a boy entering a new high school. From the first day, you encounter all the usual drama that comes from being the new kid. The game lets you choose a male character to play and you begin your day by entering the school and meeting new people from the cute girl, to the guy with a chip on his shoulder, to the nerdy kid sitting next to you. There are also classes to choose from and adults to deal with.

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You progress by reading the story dialog and tapping on the screen to advance. Every once in a while you come to a decision point where you are given a few items to choose from. For instance, you can choose which cheesy pick-up line you want to try on the cute girl or which class you want to take as an elective. And of course, your choices influence your future experiences in the game. And there are some in-game games included from time to time as well.

Surviving High School HD even includes a stream from “faceplace” where you can see posts from the various characters you encounter in the game. This back chatter adds to the drama and gives you some additional information on which to base your choices.

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The interface is well organized and provides all the needed information in an easy-to-take-it-all-in format. It works in both landscape and portrait modes, but I preferred landscape as it displayed all the information at once. The graphics, characters, and music all add to the don’t-take-this-seriously atmosphere of the game. They provided the familiar environs that high schoolers, or high schooler wannabes, would recognize.

Surviving High School HD has all the drama elements you would expect to find in a game with such a title. But the actual interaction with the game leaves a bit to be desired. Too much of the game itself feels like homework. And most high schoolers have enough of that anyway.
Surviving High School HD - Electronic Arts

  • Decision points let you control the direction of the game
  • Works in any orientation
  • New, free, episode can be downloaded every week


  • Feels more like a page-turner than an interactive game



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