Survey Finds Verizon iPhone Owners Drop Fewer Calls than Those on AT&T

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A new survey undertaken by ChangeWave has found that customers who use their iPhone 4 on the Verizon network are less likely to suffer from dropped calls than those signed up to AT&T. 82% of Verizon users said they were “very satisfied” with the service they received, while only 80% of AT&T’s customers felt the same way.

Since September 2008, ChangeWave has been tracking the rate of dropped calls among U.S. carriers, and its data recently ranked Verizon as the top network with just 1.4% of calls dropped over the past 3 months. The data also showed that AT&T was last with 4.6% of calls dropped, and T-Mobile and Sprint landed in the middle with 2.3% and 2.7% respectively.

Over the last three months, the survey showed that Verizon customers reported 1.8% of their calls were dropped, while AT&T customers suffered calls dropped 4.8%. Quite a difference between the two.

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So, it seems that for a more reliable service, U.S. iPhone 4 users are better off when they sign up with Verizon. That’s as long as you don’t want to use your data connection whilst you’re on the phone, of course.

Whether the rate of dropped calls on the AT&T network had any relation to the GSM iPhone 4’s antenna design is unclear. The new CDMA iPhone 4 built for Verizon has a redesigned antenna that seems less likely to suffer from the ‘antennagate’ issues that have been widely reported since the device first launched. By repositioning the antenna to the top of the device, it’s believed that users are less likely to make the connection between two antennas with their hand and cause loss of signal.

This begs the question: were all of those AT&T customers suffering dropped calls holding the device properly?

[via 9to5 Mac]


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