Supercow: funny farm arcade platformer Review: Fun and Games Down on the Farm

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Rating: ★★★★★

Supercow Review: A humorous arcade-style game that keeps the focus on fun. Life on the farm was smooth and simple until Professor Duriarti escaped prison and took over. He’s captured the animals and is going to experiment on them. Who else but Supercow could hope to stop him?

Supercow ($.99) plays like a Mario-style game where you collect coins and jump on the bad guys. You can also collect gems, and uncover the professor’s secrets. It’s a familiar enough style to let you get right into playing the game.

I found the game easy to get into and addictive right from the start. The levels are short enough to make you feel like you’re making progress quickly, yet each level has enough challenges to make you go “whew!” when you’ve completed it.

Supercow funny farm arcade platformer for iPhone-1

Some games have touchy controls that can make manipulating your character a challenge. Supercow gives you four choices on how you prefer to interact with the game. You can use the accelerometer, or have buttons on the left or right of the screen. And there are a couple of choices for the jump button too. It’s easy to find something comfortable so you can focus on the game. You can also move left or right which allows you to go back to pick up objects that you may have missed.

The music sets the background for the game and the special effects sounds give you some nice feedback. The characters and backgrounds are cute and detailed and add to the humor of the game. A lot of information is presented as text in dialog-type boxes, but it is also being given as audio so if the text is too small, or the player too young to read, nothing is missed.

Supercow funny farm arcade platformer for iPhone-4

This is a great game for playing in small chunks or for devoting extended time to moving through the stages. It should be easy enough to control for a kid, but adults are going to enjoy it too. It’s worth a laugh and more than a few hours of your time.
Supercow: funny farm arcade platformer - Nevosoft

  • You can control the pace and move forward and backward
  • Four options to set the controls lets you find what works for you
  • Broken into short segments (levels) to keep it moving along
  • Easy to control Supercow’s movements


  • There’s a fair bit of text which is small to read (but most is also audio too)




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