Super Sheep Tap Review: No Way You’re Falling Asleep Here

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Rating: ★★★★☆

Super Sheep Tap Review: The game has you counting sheep, but you certainly won’t be falling asleep while doing so!

Super Sheep Tap [$.99, App Store] is a simple rhythm game in the tradition of Tap Tap Revenge. The premise is to tap the screen when a sheep jumps over the fence. One finger for one sheep. Multiple fingers for multiple sheep. And don’t tap for black sheep. That’s about it. Simple enough, right? Ha!

The challenge in this game comes from the quantity and speed of sheep that need to be “tagged.” What starts out as a manageable number soon turns into a stampede that keeps your eyes focused and your finger(s) dancing.

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There are two modes to this game: Classic and Arcade. Classic is the more laid-back of the two and operates by the “three strikes and your out” principle. Arcade gives you a set amount of time to rack up as many points as possible and gets pretty intense pretty quickly.

This game has fun, cartoonish graphics and nursery rhyme style music. It’s certainly simple enough for younger children. It’s got an enjoyable, light-hearted feel to it.

Super Sheep Tap would be a great option for when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep. But only if you have no intention of falling back asleep any time soon.
Super Sheep Tap - aBit Games

  • Super simple to pick up
  • Challenging enough to keep you coming back
  • Two modes give you a choice to suit your style, or your available time


  • Not much for progression, just getting better at the basic tasks



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