Super KO Boxing 2: Another Winner From glu mobile

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Super KO Boxing 2 iPhone

Super KO Boxing 2 iPhone

Super KO Boxing 2 Rating: ★★★★½

Some things stand out more than others in certain games and in Super KO Boxing 2 that is no different. The specific item that stands out in SKOB2 (Super KO Boxing 2) are the bright, bold, colorful graphics that explode off the screen with such power you would have thought that you’d been punched in the face! Having said that, though there are many, many titles that look great but fall down in other areas and make them nothing more than eye-candy, so is SKOB2 all glamour and no substance?

SKOB2 takes the queensbury rules of boxing and provides you with 12 opponents to test them against. You play as the K.O. Kidd a young, good looking boxer who attempts to keep his good looks by boxing his way through 17 bouts to become the world champion.

The game is played from the perspective of the K.O. Kidd as he faces his opponents. His opponents range from the sublime to the ridiculous and includes characters such as the Big Gip, El Bulli and 15 cent and all 12 opponents have distinct look, style and skills. Your opponents personalities fill the screen and you’ll need to study the tactics of each one if you are going to make it to be the World Champion.

Opponents can be beaten simply by button bashing but as you progress you need to learn which combination of punches will be the key to defeating them. Controls are relatively simple and you’ll soon be a master of the combinations if not the World Champion! The buttons on the left of the screen control movement and defense while the right hand buttons control the punches. The controls are simple, effective and very responsive which in a game of fast reactions is very important. The punches hit with real force, so much so that you can feel it with some Kapow, Bash, Boom style graphics, a la the original Batman T.V. show.

You have 3 rounds of two minutes to defeat your opponents and while you should be able to beat the first few without being knocked out yourself it’s inevitable that you will be at some point and it’s nice that you have control over your recovery too. As the 10 count is made you have to time touching the screen, get it right and you’ll recover to climb off of the canvas to continue your assault.

As you move through the opponents they become unlocked for Versus and Challenge mode. Challenge mode specifically adds more content to the game by setting certain requirement on 16 fights such as winning in a certain number of rounds or that you must win by a TKO and this can be particularly challenging and will require a few attempts before you are successful.

The sound and animations add to the overall quality and feel of the game, although while each boxers unique posturing before each round looks great it does get a little tiresome when all you want to do is to lay some smack down on them.

The major downfall for the app, especially considering that it’s a sports app that is between two participants is the lack of a multi player mode of any type. That being said Glu mobile does promise additional opponents and a game mode in future free updates so perhaps the multi-player option will be covered then.

SKOB2 is another release from Glu mobile who seem to produce winners every time and this is no different. Even with the lack of a multi-player mode this is a quality boxing game and will be a welcome addition to anyones iPhone/iPod touch.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $4.99

The Good

  • Looks great
  • Multiple opponents with unique skills
  • Challenge mode adds extra value

The Not So Good

  • No multi player mode
  • No way to skip through the Boxers entrances

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Super K.O. Boxing 2: The Hood, The Mad, And The Fugly


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