Super Dynamite Fishing FREE Review: Embrace The Redneck Sportsman In You

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Rating: ★★★★☆

Super Dynamite Fishing FREE Review: A fun spoof of a game sure to bring out the redneck sportsman in you.

I’m not going to speak to the morals of making a game of the illegal practice of fishing with dynamite – you can use the comments for that. But as far as games go this one is a good catch.

Your mission is to pay your bills each day. And if you’ve got money left over, you can purchase gifts for your dream girl to win her heart. Your challenge begins with loading your boat. You’ve only got so much room for ammunition, so you’ll have to make some choices. And of course you need to decide where to fish. If you prefer to just get started, there’s a Quick Fishin’ option that will make these decisions for you and get you on the water in an instant.

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Once on the water, the heart of the game, you use tilt-control to determine which direction to head and then it’s a matter of keeping one eye to the sky to shoot ducks and the other eye underwater to look for schools of fish and other creatures or objects to blow sky high. Each target is worth a different amount of money that you can apply to paying your daily bills. Each day’s bills vary – from alimony to hunting license fees – so your daily quota varies too. If you have money left over you can buy bigger boats and weapons. You have to pick up the dead prey and get it in your boat to get credit for it. And your boat can fill up and need unloading, which uses up valuable time.

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The music, graphics, sound effects, and messages in Super Dynamite Fishing FREE for iPhone and iPad are perfect to add to the backwater feel of the game. It’s a light-hearted play on all kinds of stereotypes. But the game play itself it easy enough to pick up and get moving ahead quickly, while challenging enough to keep you coming back day after day – both in-game days and calendar days.
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  • Easy enough to pick up and get started
  • You can make your own choices for equipment/location or you can let the game decide


  • Ads are annoying enough to make you consider the $0.99 version
  • Crashed and lost data




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