Strip Designer Review – A great way to start on your comic strip career

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Strip Designer Review

Comic strips have never gone out of fashion and with today’s technology is easier than ever to create you own. If you have an iPhone, iPad or both then you can try your hand at creating your own by using the photo’s on your camera roll with the universal app Strip Designer.

The functionality on both the iPhone and the iPad are the same although the iPad obviously benefits from the additional real estate but the iPhone version can still produce great results.

The first task in building your strip is to select a template category which controls the style and the number/position of the pictures. If you want to get really granular you can even create your own and while this is a little more complex it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to delve this deep as the pre-built templates provide a great range of options.

With your layout selected you can then start adding graphics that not only include pictures from your photo album, camera and Facebook but also maps and drawings the latter of which lets you get very artistic with a range of brushes, effects, layers and filters.

Not being that artistic though I focused on using pictures for my strips and adding those are just a couple of taps away and once you’ve added it you can pinch to zoom and rotate the picture to get your desired result.

With your pictures added this is where the fun begins as you begin to add your text that brings your strips to life. Just like the rest of Strip Designer there are a plethora of options to delve into and everything can be tweaked and changed as much and as little as you can like.

The depth of options, tweaks and functionality could put some users off as it may be too complex for them but it shouldn’t, you can get great results without delving in too deep but for those that want to go a little bit further.

With your strip created you can easily share it via email, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and more which makes it easy to get your work seen by potentially millions of people! Strip Designer also takes advantage of the iCloud which means that you can start work on one of your devices and carry on your work on your other device.

At just $2.99 Strip Designer is a great way to get started in comic strips for old and new a like.
Strip Designer - Vivid Apps

Rating: ★★★★★

What we like:

  • Deep functionality
  • Multiple outputs
  • Great results
  • iCloud integration

What to know:

  • No complaints here!


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