Storm In A Teacup Review – A Wonderful Magical Adventure for iPhone

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Rating: ★★★★★

Brought to you by Chillingo and CobraMobileStorm In A Teacup‘ [$.99] is all about a little boy called Storm. The boy has a brother called Cloud who created a wonderful world for him to explore in a little teacup full of magic.

It is a sweet platformer and sure to appeal to all ages. You control Storm around the world using left and right controls that you simply tap. His little magical teacup also can fly! To the right is a boost button to help. Tap and hold and he will fly up until his boosting powers run out or tap several times to keep him flying up. To see when his boost is running out, there is a bar at the top left which shows it going down when in use.

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You need to help Storm make his way through each level of this colourful world. During the travel he needs to collect sugar cubes as he goes. The more he collects the higher the score he will achieve at the end of each level.

Each level is full of platforms to jump on and obstacles to avoid. There might be a dark cloud firing at you or spinning blades that will try slice you out of the way. Make your way past them flying and jumping where needed.

What I liked about each level is you are given a little challenge in each. You might have to reach a key to move further through the world or move a boulder off a seesaw to block an obstacle from firing at you. Some take a few attempts and luckily there is a check-point in each level so you don’t have to restart from the beginning.

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When you first start each level you can’t see everything that is around you. You can only see it when you are moving along and flying high. So you might find that when you first set off you are bumping into blades and getting caught by the clouds. In some parts you will most likely have to retry several times.

There are 40 levels altogether to complete and collect the sugar cubes. You can retry a level if you want to get a good score and try and collect all the cubes. So once you have completed all the levels there is still good replay playing it this way.

Storm In A Teacup-4

I loved the cute little animations and magical sounds. The world is certainly colourful and very appealing to the eye. The sound effects and music are great. Storm In A Teacup for iPhone is enabled with Game Center and Crystal and offering 15 achievements to complete. It also supports multi-tasking and has full retina display.


  • Great animation and sound effects.
  • Game Center and Crystal support.
  • 40 Challenging levels.


  • More levels would be great



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