Steve Jobs to Partner Rupert Murdoch at iPad “Daily” Launch Event?

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Steve Jobs will be on stage next week with News Corps’s CEO Rupert Murdoch to introduce the “Daily”, a new foray into digital news publishing on Apple’s iPad, being pioneered by News Corp. with some serious behind the scenes assistance from Apple.

It is currently rumoured that the event will be held on the 19th of January at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Murdoch is also said to have shown an early edition of the “Daily” to select people at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week.

News Corps. foray into digital publishing comes after their attempts to put their main news websites behind pay walls over the last 12 months or so. Something which has widely been regarded as a failure, with the online readership of those sites dropping by as much as 90% once they become a “paid for” service.

Murdoch hopes that this iPad magazine will herald a new era in charged for online content, something which is essential for his businesses to make money in a rapidly collapsing industry – which has suffered at the hands of the “free sharing of information” on the internet.

Steve Jobs very rarely shares the stage at an event with anyone, particularly when that event is not directly related to Apple’s core businesses. So we are sceptical about this rumour. But perhaps Murdoch has just enough clout to convince Jobs to break his normal habits.

What do you think? Jobs and Murdoch on stage? Or Jobs a no show? Have your say in the comments?


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  • Noelle Imparato

    If Steve Jobs goes in partnership with Murdoch to help him promote his “Insane” news I will sell my Mac instantly and never buy a Mac product. That’s the most distressing news I have heard yet, and God knows there is no lack of distressing news these days.

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