SPY Mouse Review: It’s All About the Cheese (and Those Pesky Cats)

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SPY Mouse for iPhone-2

Rating: ★★★★★

SPY Mouse Review: A Pac-Man style game for iPhone that is nothing but squeaky fun.

The object of the game is cheese. Well, having your mouse get the cheese out of the cat-infested houses along the path. Each house has it’s own maze-type layout that makes for interesting challenges to be worked through. Multiple cats, sleeping cats, cats in the middle of the room, cats near the door, etc. all require different spy strategies to successfully maneuver around.

The game controls are easy to master. Put your finger on the mouse and draw a line where you want it to go. The mouse follows that path, but only goes at certain speeds, so you’re not just dragging the mouse along. There’s a bit of timing in drawing the lines as well, to avoid the patrolling cats. In some homes, there are mouse holes that allow you to pop from room to room. It can be great fun to duck into a mouse hole and watch the cat slam into the wall right behind you.

SPY Mouse for iPhone-3

You can actually befriend a cat too, through an in-app purchase, to help you fight fire with fire. But managing on your own is also an option. As the game goes along, the challenge increases with additional cats to avoid and more difficult paths that must be navigated. And watch out for the mousetraps!

The cute graphics, animations, and comedic spy-show music put you in a happy mood just opening up the app. The simple look and interface trick you into thinking the game is also simple, until you get nabbed a few times.

SPY Mouse for iPhone-1

There are some games I play because I have to. Then there are some games I play because I want to. SPY Mouse {$.99} is definitely one of the latter. This one’s going on my short list.
SPY mouse - Electronic Arts

  • Cute graphics
  • Great animations
  • Comical feel to the challenges and the visuals/music


  • Occasionally it’s difficult to determine the final exit to the maze


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