Sprint Advertises Unlimited Data in New iPhone 4S TV Ad

With Sprint added to the list of carriers in the US currently selling iPhone 4S, competition on which one is the better choice is heating up. Customers are comparing prices, network speed, minutes, and data plans. Sprint has been advertising its unlimited data plan and Unlimited Everything plan heavily for iPhone 4S in recent weeks.

Yesterday, Sprint began airing their new iPhone 4S ad highlighting their Unlimited Data plan, which currently sets it apart from Verizon and AT&T, who only offer unlimited plans for grandfathered customers. The commercial shows apps alongside buildings and bridges and then a narrator says the following:

There are over half a million apps and counting on the iPhone. Apps that can take you anywhere, do anything. You might say there’s no limit to what this amazing device can do. So the question to ask is, “Why would anyone want to limit the iPhone?” We don’t.

Truly unlimited data for you iPhone…only from Sprint.

Each network now has their own advertising plan, AT&T advertising its fast data, Verizon with reliability, and Sprint with Unlimited data. Sprint has been keeping up with the iPhone game and has now earned itself a rightful place in the competition.

{via MacRumors}


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  1. As soon as my plan can be canceled I’m going to sprint for a unlimited data plan!
    Tryed to get it with AT&T and there telling me no even though I’ve been with them for almost ten years! AT&T, U SUCK!!!

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