Sprint Offering $100 iPhone Trade-In Towards An iPhone 4S

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After Sprint, the third major carrier in the United States began to offer the iPhone 4S this past October, competition between the other carriers increased. While Apple divided its own iPhone ads between the three carriers, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, each company began to release its own ad campaigns to compete. Verizon claimed that their network was the most reliable, AT&T claimed the fastest network and Sprint advertised its unlimited data plans.

Sprint is now looking to attract new customers by offering $100 off the price of a new iPhone 4S if the user switches over from another carrier and trades in their old iPhone. This new promotion is perfect for iPhone 4 users on another network looking to upgrade to the new 4S, for the same price of the 4 at $100. Any iPhone user whose phone is not eligible for the full trade-in value of $100 will receive the money by other means, such as an online credit, which can be put towards the bill or another product online.

The guidelines of the program mention that the new iPhone must be activated by the 3rd of July and trade-ins have to be completed by the 14th of August. The program is available in all Sprint stores where users can open a new two year contract or can be done online where users can reserve an iPhone.

{via TheNextWeb}


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