Sprint Drops iPhone 4S Price to $149 with a 2-Year Contract

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iPhone 4S Sprint Discount

Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 is expected to be released on September 12th and with numerous news outlets and sources confirming this, it appears that such a release is imminent. On Monday, Sprint went ahead and quietly lowered the price of the iPhone 4S to $149 with a 2-year contract.

This price drop was first noted by AllThingsD, and is most likely in response to recent rumors. Sprint is the third carrier to service the iPhone in the United States, after AT&T which has had the iPhone since 2007 and Verizon since the release of the iPhone 4. Sprint is also waving the initial $36 activation fee and is making this deal only available through their website.

It is unclear why Sprint has chosen to lower the price, however, it is very likely in reponse to the release of the iPhone 5 next month or simply the fact that Sprint has purchased too many iPhone’s and is looking to earn back any form of profit from the initial investment. It is interesting to note, however, that the iPhone 4S is still at its $199 price on Apple’s Online Store.

{via MacRumors}


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