SpringFling: Upcoming Vertical Platformer

We’ve seen a number of variations of vertical platformers for the iPhone in the App Store. Though these games offer great fun with simple controls, sometimes they suffer the low replay value syndrome.

Indie developer Alex Schwartz of GTProductions sent us an update about his upcoming iPhone game SpringFling. SpringFling is a fresh take on the popular vertical platformer for the iPhone/iPod touch set in the dynamic world of SpringTown.

What’s interesting about SpringFling is that it offers different backgrounds as you get to Fling your way up tree branches, fly through sewers, scale waterfalls, and collect silly hats.

The game has simple and appealing graphics. You can also collect various powerups and recharge your spring power to continue scaling the heights.

SpringFling features:

  • Online leaderboards – Challenge your friends and see where you rank in the world
  • Achievements – Collect trophies for your mastery of the fling
  • 6 hand-crafted level themes, each with infinite height and rich 2d and 3d scenes
  • Original soundtrack written exclusively to compliment each level
  • Spring customization – Trick out your spring with hats, faces, and disguises
  • Multiple unique powerups to help you along your way
  • Realistic physics with PhysX integration
  • Facebook Integration using the AGON Social Platform for iPhone Games
  • Twitter Integration – Tweet your best score to friends and envious followers

SpringFling will be available on the App Store in early October.

SpringFling Pre-Release trailer


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