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Cubetto for iPhone and ipad

Smartphones and tablets are increasingly being adopted by businesses to be a part of the employees workflow. Major corporations are already deploying custom apps to increase the productivity of its employees. The App Store has seen a rise in the kind of business and productivity apps that make complex tasks easier with the use of the intuitive multitouch screen and iOS.

When we think about organising or developing a process for an activity or creating an event driven process the tool we all think of is mind maps and flowchart. These allow us to visually comprehend complex structures and the relation one activity has with the other. Even though there are many advantages of creating mindmaps and flowcharts often the complex nature of software required could possibly impact our productivity negatively instead of enhancing it.

Cubetto for iPhone and ipad

Cubetto for iPhone and iPad developed by semture GmbH aims to offer an easy to use interface with a new approach that enables even an amateur to create complex flowcharts. Cubetto is a full featured app for creating business process, collaboration diagrams, event driven process charts, flowcharts and much more.

Instead of offering drawing tools for you to figure out which diagram or arrow or icons to use the app offers an intuitive template and wizard format which enables you to create your flowchart easily. Just like any flowchart or business process has a structure, the wizard and template format in Cubetto structures your diagram and automatically does the layout for you. The app is smart to set the size of the canvas and connects the different flowchart elements automatically. Even as most of the layout is handled automatically the app still gives you a lot of control over the look and feel of your chart or process.


You start a new project by tapping the ‘plus’ sign and then choosing whether you want to create BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation), Mindmap, EPC (Event-driven Process Chain), Flowchart, Notes & Edges or UML (Use Case, Class and Activity Diagram. After selecting the type of diagram that best meets your project need you start simply by tapping on the screen and a menu pop-up will appear which acts as a wizard to help you choose the type of content you want to use in your diagram. For example in a BPMN diagram the wizard offers content such as Activity, Data Object, Data Storage, Event, Gateway, Group, Message, Pool, Swimlane. As you select the content you further get options to fine tune the details and then choose the successor of the previous activity.

When you choose a successor you will get options to select the type of connection you want to establish which could either be an Annotation, Association, Message flow, Sequence Flow and much more. Each connector or activity box can be customised with text, description, colour and type of edges and nodes.


As you build your diagram and define the rules of each connection and relation with each activity Cubetto will intelligently do the layout of your chart or diagram. The app allows you to focus on creating the flow and handles the layout itself. This feature is very powerful and proves to be a great help when users are creating complex processes. It can be a bit of a daunting task to arrange the diagram when there are many boxes and arrows connecting so Cubetto handles this task very efficiently so that your diagram always follows the structure and flow that you intended.


There are infinite possibilities with this app and you can get very creative with the kind of diagram you want to create. The template feature in this app allows you to automate the creation of similar activities without the need to manually enter the settings again.


The powerful nature of the auto-layout is evident when with the tap of just one button you change the layout of your diagram from horizontal to vertical without the need to worry about the connections, text or any other setting. It’s very ┬ásimple and highly intuitive. You can even create multiple models or diagrams and store them in a folder within one project. So, you can begin with creating a Mindmap for the Organization and then create an event driven process chain and even have nested folders.

Once you’ve created your diagram Cubetto allows you to export your project as a PDF, JPG, PNG and email it. It even allows you to export as XHTML, BPMN XML, Cubetto XML, iTunes folder, iCloud and Dropbox.


The app does not feature any in-app purchases so when you buy Cubetto you get a full-featured powerful app for your iPhone and iPad to create any type of flowchart, diagram or process that you want to.

Cubetto is available on the App Store as a universal download. The auto-layout, wizard and template features easily make it the most comprehensive solution for  business process modeling and the illustration of organizational structures.


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